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Oakland Fieldhouse: The newest place for kids who love court sports

Oakland Fieldhouse

The Oakland Fieldhouse, located in Rochester Hills, offers families a space to enjoy their favorite sport, either during open gym, tournaments or house leagues.

If you have a kid who lives, breathes and sleeps court sports (like basketball or volleyball) you probably know, there just aren’t a lot of options out there – especially if your kid is on the younger side.

Oakland Fieldhouse in Rochester Hills

For elementary school-aged basketball and volleyball fiends, the options are limited in Oakland County. But that is changing with the opening of Oakland Fieldhouse.

About the Oakland Fieldhouse

This brand-new facility, run by Dave and Stacy Charter – who have five children of their own, who love court sports – opened a few weeks ago and is already drawing young ballers in with leagues and open gym times.

I ran across Oakland Fieldhouse on Facebook and took my son, who is currently obsessed with basketball, to their open house. The facility is gorgeous and there are house leagues currently running (my son is playing in one and loves it!).

Stacy Charter was a probation officer and her husband Dave currently works for an automotive supplier and about a year ago, they started talking about opening a facility so they wouldn’t have to travel so much with their kids who all play competitive sports. They found the facility in December and started remodeling it, opening in August.

“We built facility with kids in mind,” said Stacy Charter. “There is a team for everybody.”

Every Child Should Play Sports

The Charter family believes every child should play sports to keep busy and learn valuable life lessons like teamwork and sportsmanship.

They are bringing in trainers to help more serious student athletes but also plan to have leagues for kids who just want to play for fun – and the love of the game.

In addition to the spacious gym space, they also offer snacks at the Oakland Fieldhouse Cafe as well as birthday parties in a 2,000 square foot party space and will have summer camps — including one with the Detroit Pistons organization.

Several tournaments have already been held at the facility, which also hosts house leagues for kids and adults. Recently, they unveiled Shoot 360, a basketball training system that tracks a player’s skills and progress. It’s the first one in Michigan.

Oakland Fieldhouse Cafe

Stacy, who was a high school athlete, and Dave, who played club sports at Michigan State, are hoping to grow the business, which they see as by a family – for families.

“Family was our main motivator here,” said Dave Charter.

Oakland Fieldhouse is open 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. seven days a week. There are open gym times available. Visit their website, or follow them on Facebook!

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