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Nursing Lounge at Comerica Park

I think I can speak for many nursing mothers when I say nursing in public can be challenging at times. Especially crowded places such as a Tigers Game. It’s important to have a place where moms can feel comfortable nursing.

I believe it’s equally challenging for nursing mothers to venture off without their babies when they have to deal with the need to pump.  We can easily nurse anywhere, but finding a place to plug in to pump is extremely difficult, not to mention, very private. How often do we see a mom pumping in public?  Never.

Recently my family went to a game at Comerica Park and my nursing baby came with us. I was at ease knowing they have a Nursing Lounge.  For me, sitting in the stands, directly under the sun on a hot summer day, next to a bunch of strangers, is not my idea of comfortable nursing.  Not to mention, now that my daughter is on the go, she is easily distracted while nursing which makes places like Comerica Park a huge nursing failure.

Twenty minutes into the game and I was off looking for the Nursing Lounge which is located by Guest Services at the 211 seating.  Upon my arrival, I was impressed to find the room locked and monitored by someone at the Guest Service booth  just outside the door.  The lady at Guest Services kindly allowed me access.  It was great to find the room being occupied by three nursing mothers!

The lounge is small but very clean.  It consists of two small leather couches and a television to watch the game.  It is also air conditioned which is a bonus on those hot days.

As I was nursing it dawned on me how great this room is for nursing moms who may also need to pump.  It should also be called The Pump Station!

It makes me happy to know places are becoming more nursing friendly.  Having these amenities adds a lot of value to a mothers experience and helps support the breastfeeding journey.  Thank you Comerica!

Meet Danielle Andresen- Danielle is mom to two young children and is enjoying this parenting journey with her husband Erik.  As a family they enjoy keeping  busy with the many different events happening in and around Detroit.  Whenever Danielle has a moment of solitude, she enjoys writing and photography.  Check out Danielle at Suburbia Mom where she shares life as a mom living in the suburbs of Detroit or follow her on Instagram @suburbia_mom.  

Danielle Andresen
Author: Danielle Andresen

Teacher by day, mom and wife both day and night, Danielle is the voice behind Suburbia Mom where she writes about her experiences in and around Detroit.