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New Ultimate Guide: Insectariums, Bug & Insect Fun In Metro Detroit

Does your child have a fascination with bugs, spiders and other insects? Do you have a child that loves butterflies? If you’re looking for the best places in metro Detroit to find Insectariums where your kid can hold tarantula’s and play with creepy crawlers, Metro Detroit Mommy has the Ultimate Guide for you!

Additionally, if your child needs an idea for your next fair project, check out A Bug’s Life: Are There Bugs Under Your Feet? This project is sure to get your child curious about the bugs that are around us.

Bugs On Wheels: Shedding Light on the Less-Loved Creatures of Our Planet. Mixing education and entertainment to create a unique experience for everyone of ALL ages.

Butterfly Garden and Partula Snail Exhibit: The beautiful Butterfly Garden, inside the Detroit Zoo’s Wildlife Interpretive Gallery, houses hundreds of free-flying butterflies. Approximately 25 species can be observed engaging in many of their natural behaviors, including feeding on flower nectar or ripe fruit and basking in the sunlight. In the rotunda of the Wildlife Interpretive Gallery stands an exhibit devoted to the Partula nodosa snail – a unique effort that highlights the Detroit Zoological Society’s commitment to conserving even the tiniest of creatures.

Belle Isle Nature Center: Visitors are able to get an insider’s view of an actual beehive and get an up-close view of Michigan wildlife. A bird observation window allows guests to watch native and migratory birds as they feed from natural and supplemental food sources. Overlooked: Macro photography by Joseph Ferraro takes a closer look at some of the inhabitants of our pollinator garden at the Belle Isle Nature Center. Joseph is a macro photographer walking the naturalist’s path, documenting native pollinators and other invertebrates with an up close and personal perspective.

Michigan Reptile and Pet Expo: There is no limit to what you will find breeders and dealersfrom all over the midwest . cages , supplies, and just about any animal you could want.

Lou’s Pet Shop: Lou’s Pet Shop in Grosse Pointe has many animal education programs including teaching about bugs and insects. The Lou’s University program is designed to allow children in our community to enjoy the amazing things happening here at Lous pet shop! Not only is it a great way to instill some early work ethic, it also gives the opportunity for your child to connect with nature through pet keeping. During this three week commitment our students will learn the ins/outs of pet keeping and what is required to keep them thriving. The gentle hands of the Lou’s U students also provide animal enrichment and conditioning for our acclimating pets so that your next lous pet has a one of a kind personality! *This program runs one hour per week for three weeks.*

Cranbrook Institute of Science: Insect Inspector Program: Investigate the world of insects, arachnids and myriapods! Get up close with these fascinating creatures in this interactive, live arthropod program. Engage in age-appropriate explorations of adaptations, plants, life cycles, heredity, habitats, and more!  

MSU Department of Entomology Bug House: – Come visit MSU’s Bug House, where you can observe and interact with live insects and arachnids! The Bug House features stunning specimen displays and a menagerie of live insects and arachnids — including beetles, tropical cockroaches, and tarantulas! We are located in room 147 of the Natural Science Building on MSU’s main campus in East Lansing, Michigan. The MSU Bug House offers a variety of in-person and virtual educational programs about insects.

The Reptarium: Visitors have the opportunity to see roughly 150 different species of animals. During public tours, guests will be able to interact with several pre-selected animals. However, if you have your heart set on having an up-close encounter with a special animal, simply ask one of the staff members for assistance, they will accommodate you as long as the animals can come out of their enclosure.General Admission includes one hour of access to the zoo and the opportunity to interact hands-on 🙌 with various reptiles.

Burgess-Shadbush Nature Center: The Pollinator Garden is a great way see just how important pollinating animals and insects are to plant life. 

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