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Naomi at Six Month

Naomi is now six months old.  Time goes by so quickly, especially knowing that she is our last baby.  I wish time would slow down.

Naomi is almost sitting on her own, she’s able to roll over, scoot around on the floor (almost crawling) and she says “hi” and “dada”.  She is an incredibly happy baby and gives smiles out freely to everyone that smiles at her.  She responds to tickling and games with big smiles and laughter.

She is such a cuddlebug and is content to be held most of the time.  She loves her sisters and her face lights up when she sees them.  Peek-a-boo is a fun game, but seeing the baby in the mirror and being upside down are her favorites.

People always ask me about sleep…. she’s such a great sleeper.  She sleeps pretty much through the night waking to nurse a couple of times, but because we bed share it doesn’t disturb my sleep much.  Her previously blue eyes are turning brown and she gaining weight at a good rate.

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