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Mom’s First Aid Must-Haves

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Moms are always looking to improve their first aid kits as their
children get older and more active. You may start out with infant pain
reliever, fever reducer, booger sucker, and a thermometer when your children
are young, but as they get older, you will want to enhance your first aid kit
to better suit their needs. Here are some items you will want to add to your
first aid kits, especially if you have a child that is on any kind of sports
Ace Bandages
Adding ace bandages to your first aid kit is always a smart thing
to do. You never know when your child could sprain an ankle or wrist. Children
tend to play rough on the playground as well as on the sports field. Having an
ace bandage wrap on hand equips you with the ability to quickly immobilize and
compress a potential injury to prevent it from getting worse until you can seek
medical attention for your child.
Ice Packs
Ice packs are also another must-have in your first aid kit. Acute
injuries like a sprained ankle, which swells quickly, can be aided by the quick
use of an ice pack. You can find a variety of ice packs in the store like ones
you cool in your freezer and others which are disposable and turn cold via
chemical reaction through shaking or cracking them. Keep ice packs accessible
in your first aid kit or the snacks cooler on the soccer field, for example.
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Sprays and Ointments
Remember to pop antiseptic spray in your first aid kit as well.
Common kid areas like playgrounds are full of germs which means a little fall
and a scraped knee can get infected fast. Quick application of antiseptic spray
or Neosporin foam can help reduce the chances of scrapes or gashes getting
Burn ointment is another thoughtful addition to your first aid
kit. Truth be told kids can easily get burned on the go. It could be as simple
as walking down a crowded street and accidentally touching a hot tail pipe with
their leg. Burn ointment can help relieve pain and should be applied after the
burn has been gently cleansed and cooled.
Food and Beverage
Yes this may seem sort of odd to keep in a first aid kit, but you
never know when your kids might be in need of a drink or snack. Plus, if you
have children that play any kind of sport, water and electrolyte-enhanced
sports drinks are a must for making sure they don’t get dehydrated with all the
running and playing in the sun (just watch out for high sugar content).
Also, keep some kind of protein bar or energy-fueling snack in
your first aid kit. Children can get so caught up playing that they may tell you
they aren’t hungry just so they can keep playing; then they end up with a low
blood sugar that leaves them jittery and not feeling well. Also, if you are one
of those parents that makes sure your kids eat all their meals, but forget to
feed yourself sometimes, a healthy snack on the go in your first aid kit may
come in handy.
Do Not Forget a Little Bit of TLC
No parent wants to see their child get hurt, but at the same time,
parents know minor scrapes and injuries are inevitable. Everything you put in
your first aid kit will help to keep wounds clean, swelling down, and prevent
an injury from getting worse. The most important part of your first aid kit is
you. Your tender touch, nurturing voice saying ‘it will be okay’, and caring
embrace is what really makes any injury a child may get feel better fast.