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Mindo Chocolate: Bean-to-Bar Chocolate That Is Better For You And Your Family  [GIVEAWAY]

The holiday season has arrived, which means many of us will likely throw caution to the wind and indulge our cravings for holiday cookies, pies and cakes, and delicious chocolate sweets and treats. But when it comes to chocolate, how do you know your family is eating chocolate that is actually good for them?

According to industry experts, Americans consume more than 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate every year, especially during peak times like holidays. And bean-to-bar chocolate makers are leading the charge in providing healthy, delicious treats that are produced through environmentally responsible practices.

Based in Dexter, Michigan, Mindo Chocolate is one of very few bean-to-bar artisan chocolate makers in Michigan. Shipped directly from Mindo, Ecuador, heirloom Arriba Nacional are the finest cocoa beans in the world and can be found in every delicious bite of Mindo’s chocolate bars.

“We start with the best possible cocoa beans and we control the process from the cocoa pod, ensuring proper handling to achieve exceptional taste,” said Barbara Wilson, owner of Mindo Chocolate. “In order to maintain the true flavor of the chocolate, we don’t add any ingredients to our pure 77 percent and 67 percent chocolate except organic cane sugar to make our chocolate.”

The history of Mindo Chocolate is a special one. In 2008, Wilson opened an internet café in Ecuador with her husband, Jose Meza, and began making brownies. The brownies were so delicious that tourists who tried them would ask for them to be shipped to places all over the world. This led Wilson to devote more time to learning about processing cocoa beans and how to make great chocolate. She set up a facility and learned how to best ferment, dry, roast and winnow cacao, which are the first steps before even making it into chocolate.

Mindo Chocolate evolved into an international bean-to-bar chocolate business with operations in both in Michigan and Ecuador. The company has a full-circle business model that connects farmers, producers and consumers from Ecuador to Michigan. Importantly, Mindo Chocolate doesn’t use artificial chemicals, additives, preservatives and /or colorants in any of its products.

“We add pieces of organic Michigan fruit and other real food ingredients that enhance, but don’t mask the true flavor of our chocolate. And for the cooks and bakers in the world, our 100 percent baking chocolate and cocoa powder have no added ingredients.”


Mindo Chocolate has teamed up with Metro Detroit Mommy to offer one lucky winner a chance to win a free assortment of chocolates found in the company’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. Simply “like” Mindo Chocolate on Facebook, then submit an entry to be considered for a chance to win.

Below is a sneak peek at some of the delicious products that can be found in Mindo Chocolate’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide:

  • Drinking Products: Mindo’s Miel de Cacao, Cocoa Powder and traditional Ecuadorian Drinking Chocolate are all great choices for when you’d like to stir up a toasty holiday beverage.
  • Chocolate Bars: Mindo has a vast selection of pure dark chocolate bars from Rustic Signature to Seasonal Collections, you’re sure to find something to satisfy the chocolate lover in your life.
  • Tasting Tiles: Chocolate enthusiasts had been clamoring for tasting tiles to pair with wine or food and Mindo delivered, creating an ideal stocking stuffer for the holiday season.
  • Sidekicks: These treats show off the versatility in chocolate, featuring two kinds of dark chocolate, individually wrapped and packaged together in a biodegradable envelope. A healthy, delicious snack to share with your family.

For more information about Mindo Chocolate, including its 2018 Holiday Gift Guide, visit


Mindo Chocolates

Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

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