Michigan Science Center Toyota 4D Engineering Theater Review

Michigan Science Center is one of our favorite places to visit with our son.  It has tons of great hands on activities to learn from and is ideal for a good indoor play idea on a dreary day.  This past summer, they opened an additional theater inside the facility that is amazing.  The Toyota 4D Engineering Theater was definitely a fun addition to our regular time at MiSci.

Michigan Science Center Toyota 4D Theater 

If you love a good 3D movie experience, then this is the next step up in theater experiences.  When we attended, the feature show was about the weather.  It was tons of fun, but there are a few things you should know. 
Smaller children may not be suited for a 4D showing. 
When we visited, we saw a few younger (toddler age) children in the audience.  While this may be fine for some, they were not particularly happy with the movie and experiences.  The wind, fire, and water misting during select points of the movie just ended up being scary to them.  When you choose to visit, make sure you are aware of these things.  The staff is happy to answer questions about what to expect if you are unsure. 
Be prepared for surprising additions to the movie
As my son described it, there are a few “jump scares” with a 4D movie experience.  When you least expect it, you’ll have water misted on your face or a sudden gust of wind coming from the arms of your seat.  The timing is excellent, and definitely, enhances the viewing experience, but if you startle easily, you’ll want to be prepared. 
Enjoy a truly complete educational movie
One of the things we loved the most about this experience was that you truly get a hands on experience without having to be in the midst of a dangerous situation.  The idea of being inside a hurricane or tornado safely seems impossible, however, in this instance, it is possible. This is a great way to help your child understand the dangers of weather (for this movie) or the amazing way our world works around us.

Other great features at Michigan Science Museum
We can’t complete this without mentioning some of our other favorite features of the Michigan Science Center.  Whenever we visit, we try to spend more time in a specific area than we did the time before.  We are never disappointed with new features and variety offered.  This time, our son really enjoyed the various musical activities as he has been learning about music.  The time before, he enjoyed the human body displays.  There are tons of options, but the ones below are some of our favorites. 
  • IMAX Theater:  Different movies play on a regular basis.  These are typically educational films, but can on occasion, be something a bit more mainstream.  The IMAX Dome Theater is a wonderful experience. 
  • Planetarium:  Teaching your children about the stars is hard sometimes.  A visit to the planetarium is a great way to help them understand up close. 
  • STEM Playground:  This new addition to the Michigan Science Center is ideal for those who are looking for STEM education.  We got a sneak peak, and can’t wait to go back for more. 
  • Motion Exhibit:  This one is one that our son loves.  He especially likes to watch the pendulum knock marbles down, and try to see how long he can make a disc spin.
  • Kids Town:  If you have younger children who like the dress up or playing house type experience, this is a great option.  Our son is a bit older for this, but still, enjoys taking a few minutes to see new things in the “store” in this area. 
  • Space Exhibit:  As self-proclaimed NASA geeks, we love this area of the Michigan Science Center.  There are tons of amazing displays, hands on exhibits, and great learning options.
These are just a few of the amazing offers at the Michigan Science Center.  You’ll find that this is a great place to go back time and again with your entire family.  Family memberships are available to save money if you go back multiple times throughout the year.  It is definitely worth the investment as these are great displays and a fun way to play and learn year round with your children. 
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