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Metro Detroit Mom Launches Lilybell – Online Magazine for Girls

The Ann Arbor based Lilybell magazine is filling a digital void of smart and creative content for young girls.

“Real girls aren’t just princesses,” says founder and Editor-in-Chief, Sara Lynne Hilton, “but they aren’t boys either. The reality of girls lies in the marvelous and vast landscape in between. That’s where Lilybell meets its readers. We know that real girls are creative and funny and deeply caring and wildly smart—that’s the kind of real girl to which our magazine speaks.”

After a 15-year career as a magazine editor and children’s book author, Hilton found she was often dismayed at the reading choices for her young daughter and knew she had to do something to change that.

“So many girls, like my daughter, are insatiable readers,” says Hilton. “While this is fabulous, I found I was always struggling to provide both delightful and trustworthy material for my daughter to read. Lilybell is really a service to both girls and parents. It’s a service that continually provides great content to grow, teach, delight, and inspire our daughters.”

Each month, Lilybell provides subscribers with a themed magazine with over 70 pages of fiction, crafts, recipes, interviews, photos, articles, and more. Throughout the month, subscribers also receive bonus material to enhance the month’s topic.

Lilybell is available in both the App Store and Google Play and Amazon.

For more information about the magazine app that delights and inspires both girls and parents, visit http://www.mylilybell.com or contact Sara Lynne Hilton directly at sara@mylilybell.com.

About Lilybell
Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Lilybell is a digital magazine app for girls who are smart, curious, and creative! Lilybell introduces girls to the adventure, beauty, and fun in the world around them. Each themed issue includes an assortment of crafts, recipes, fiction, interviews, photos, and more. Not only does Lilybell strive to delight and inspire girls, we also strive to serve parents by providing their daughters with safe and trustworthy content. Lilybell: Delight in your world!

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