McDonalds in Oak Park on Greenfield Road

After getting rained out at the park, we decided to visit McDonalds on Greenfield Road in Oak Park (located just south of 11 mile).

This play area has a lot of tubes and tunnels.  Looking at it from below it was a bit intimidating.  It took Carlyn (almost 2) quite some time to feel comfortable exploring, and even then she wanted her big sis to go along with her.  That being said, she navigated every element of this structure on her own.

Two slides, lots of windows, a space station and multiple entry and exit points are all great features.  However, the cleanliness was less than appealing. There is no eating in the play area, which is inconvenient to say the least. I suspect they probably had issues with kids leaving food in the structure… ewww.

There are no restrooms in the play area, and limited seating.  So while the girls had fun, we probably will not visit again.

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