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Madison Heights’ First #LittleFreeLibrary

I love books. I was that kid in school that got in trouble because I was too busy reading instead of doing my school work. Whenever I give a gift, I always include a book – especially when my boys go to a birthday party. Books are the one simple joy that are always available, if one can get to their local library.

That can be a problem for many people – finding the time, or someone, to drive to a library. However there is a solution if you’re willing. There is a fabulous initiative going around called the Little Free Library, and because of it, there are libraries popping up all over the place. The best part – every book is free and donated by someone within the community. The idea is simple – if you need a book, you can take one; if you have finished with a book and don’t want it any more, you can leave it for someone else to read.

Take a Book, Leave a Book – it’s a novel idea and in the Metro Detroit area, there are a ton of them. While many cities have had them popping up for awhile, Madison Heights installed their first one earlier this fall as part of a donation from the Rust City Book Con. After talking with the Madison heights DPS, there are plans to add even more libraries throughout the community in the future. Rust City is already working with the city to add another one next fall after their August 5, 2017 public signing where they will yet again be collecting books for a new little library.

Madison Heights’ first little free library can be found at Red Oaks Soccer Complex & Park. This is one of my favorite parks and I’m excited to see this addition. Since my kids love hanging out here with their friends, and there are times we randomly show up, I have a feeling I will be swinging by here often. Especially when I’m bored watching them play at the park, now I can grab a book and read while they run around. *grin*

If you’re unsure where there’s a Little Free Library near you, they’re easy to find. Click here, or on the map below, and you can search for libraries registered in your zip code. Not all Little Free Libraries may be registered, they don’t have to be, so the next time you’re at the park or out in the community, make sure you take a look around. You never know, you may find one closer than you think.

Jackie LE
Author: Jackie LE

Jackie is a stay at home mom to two adventure loving boys; a wife to a husband who is very tolerant of her reading addiction; and the owner of Literary Escapism where she has actively promoted books since 2006. Since introducing her boys to the world of superheroes and Doctor Who, she has realized that she is a bigger geek than she knew. She loves exploring and finding new adventures to take her boys on, and it turns out they love checking out the unknown as well.