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Lower Baldwin Park on Quarton Lake in Birmingham

Lower Baldwin Park on Quarton Lake is also known as Quarton Lake Park. The 29-acre park is located north of Maple Road, and also West of Woodward. The park is tucked away in a neighborhood community, therefore parking is limited. You can park on southbound Lakeside Drive.

Fishing pier at Lower Balwin Park on Quarton Lake

Lower Baldwin Park on Quarton Lake Amenities

This community park offers guests plenty of green space to explore. Visitors can also enjoy fishing as long as they are either under the age of 14 or over the age of 62. There are two fishing piers within the park as well as plenty of other great places to fish. The lake not only provides for a beautiful scenic walk along a gravel path but also plenty of places to stop along the way. Additionally, there are a few places where you can sit on the big, flat boulders along the water’s edge. The park also has a few benches in a variety of locations.

Lower Balwin Park on Quarton Lake

If you follow the path from the north then it will lead you south, over a footbridge, and into a large green space right on 15 Mile Road. Visitors can enjoy the man-made step waterfalls, beautiful gazebo, and also the sculpture “Dancing Fish” by James Clover.

man-made waterfalls at Lower Balwin Park on Quarton Lake

Wildlife at Lower Baldwin Park

During our visit, we observed a wide variety of wildlife. The girls were mesmerized by the dragonflies which came in both different sizes and colors. We also spotted any different bird species, bees, ladybugs, fish, and even a turtle.

Turtle at Quarton Lake

The beautifully manicured gardens together with the natural lakeside plants provided an opportunity for us to see many different plants and flowers. In addition to the land plants, lily pads were abundant in Quarton Lake. We even saw a few that had flowered.

Lower Balwin Park on Quarton Lake Overview:

Play Elements: none
Swings: none
Surface: grass as well as gravel pathways
Unique Features: man-made waterfall
Bathrooms:  no
Drinking Fountain: no
Shade: none
Pavilion:  no
Picnic Tables: no
Grills: no
Sports Fields: none
Walking Trails: yes, gravel trail along the lake
Parking: street parking along southbound Lakeside Drive
Tot Play Structure: no
Fenced in: no
Seating: park benches 

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