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Looking to do more? Become a CPST!

Are you looking for a way to become a valuable, contributing member of your local community?

Do you like the idea of helping to keep kids safe?

Do you like to read the newest research on vehicle safety?
Are you in awe of the latest car seat technology?
Have you ever stayed up late scouring the internet for tips and tricks on how to get your car seat installed… and ended up on YouTube watching crash test videos?
If you answered yes to those questions, I have another:
Did we just become best friends?!
But seriously… have you thought about becoming a certified child passenger safety technician?
May is Child Passenger Safety Technician Month, so why not take the course then?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Pay the course fee.
  • Pass the CPST Certification course.
The Certification course consists of a 3 or 4 day class (usually 8 hours each day).  There are three kinds of tests contained in the course; written quizzes, hands on skills assessments, and a community check event.  You must pass all of the tests and attend every day of the course to earn a passing grade.
Once you’ve passed the course, your certification lasts two years.  Over the course of those two years you must stay up to date on the world of Child Passenger Safety with things like continuing education units, workshops, and in-person seat check events.  At the end of your two year cycle you must pay a re-certification fee and submit your paperwork to be re-certified.
When I took my class I was surrounded by varying members of my community; police officers, firefighters, insurance industry workers, occupational therapists, stay-at-home moms… you name it, they were represented.  They all had a common goal, though: doing their part to educate caregivers and keep kids safe.  That’s what it all boils down to.  And the fact is, it’s not for everyone.  Not everyone likes to work with the public.  Not everyone has the patience required to explain the hows and whys of vehicle safety.  But if you’re like me and you feel a burst of energy at the thought of playing Car Seat Tetris (I knew all those years in front of my Nintendo would serve me well!), then I think this gig might just be for you.
So.  Are you in?  Go to for more information.  If the month of May doesn’t work out for you, keep trying: there are courses available almost all the time!  Check it out!
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Author: Dana

Dana is the lucky mother to two incredible kids (aged 10 & 6) and the happy wife of Nate. She stumbled around in her adult life for a while before finally realizing that she could get paid to pursue her passion: keeping kids safe. In 2013 she started working at Modern Natural Baby in Ferndale where she eventually became a Child Passenger Safety Technician with additional Special Needs training. Dana also runs the child passenger safety-focused Facebook page Buckle Up Detroit and works with the amazing lady bosses at Metro Detroit Doula Services offering car seat classes, consultations, and more!