Long Lashes Live at Lash Lounge in Ann Arbor

I was very interested to try The Lash Lounge after always hearing about semi-permanent & glamorous eyelashes. My own eyelashes are just OK…not short but not long. Not full but not thin. Not curly but not straight. I usually do fine with some mascara, but I was very impressed by my own results here.

The Lash Lounge is perfect for anyone across the board of beauty…….the woman who would like a little boost. The woman short on time & relaxation. The woman who wants a little glam for her wedding or any other occasion.

I met with my stylist Paige for a few minutes before she started on her handiwork. Paige measured my eyes for the look especially fit for me & she also asked me questions to decide how I wanted my lashes to be. I finally really just decided to have a little fun & go for it. I decided to go for the longer, curlier, & more dramatic Mink eyelashes. I wanted to really see how glamorous I could feel. Lash Lounge has options all across the board of many looks a woman can go for. Natural (1 light Silk extension per eyelash) to very dramatic (2-3 Mink extensions per eyelash).

Then I relaxed! The initial appointment takes about 2 hours, so I cuddled up in a fuzzy blanket on a nice neck pillow & Paige got right to work. Her hands were so light I hardly knew she was working & I really enjoyed a Sunday afternoon nap.

Since oils can accelerate the breakdown of the lash bonding glue, The Lash Lounge even has their own formulated makeup & skincare items to be sure they keep your lashes as lasting as possible.

Aside from purchasing any items I may or may not need, the & 2-3 weeks of care afterward is pretty easy enough to maintain, merely avoiding oil-based cleansers & makeups, no water-proof mascara, avoiding eye rubbing, & brushing eyelashes everyday with a clean mascara wand to fluff them up & style them into place. The Lash Lounge advised that it was normal to lose 1-5 lashes per day & I believe from all I have seen I have not lost many in this week of having the extensions on (& as a bonus I have not needed to wear any mascara at all).

To maintain your lashes the best as your natural eyelashes cycle & fall out, it is recommended to stay full by having lashes refilled every 2-3 weeks. The Lash Lounge has membership packages designed for pricing & timing flexibility for ladies to come on in for a refresh on their look & a refresh of their relaxation. Aside from the lashes, The Lash Lounge also offers extensive brow services such as tinting & threading. You can check out all of the news & fun on The Lash Lounge’s Facebook Page, Instagram, & website.

Also during my visit I enjoyed a stroll through the nearby stores in the Arbor Hills complex, & the Lash Lounge is just a short drive down from Arbor Land Mall (a place I rarely get to visit anymore) & also from UM stadium for the Wolverine fans.

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