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Local Grass Fed Beef and Pasture Raised Pork from Eight Plates Farm

Eight Plates Farm

Mayville, Michigan

How often do we really know where our food comes from?  Not often unless we are growing our own produce and raising our own cattle on a farm.  When was the last time you spoke with the farmer who raised the cattle for the beef you served for dinner? If you are like most of us, you have no connection to the farm that raised the cattle.   All this can change  when you order your meat from  Eight Plates Farm. If you live in Southeastern Michigan you can order online and meet the farmer herself at a local farmers market to pick up your meat. If you can’t meet at a farmers market, no problem, you can have it shipped on dry ice.   No more wondering where your meat came from and how the cattle was raised!

About Eight Plates Farm

Eight Plate Farm is a local farm in Mayville, Michigan that raises pastured cattle and hog to provide customers with quality beef and pork for their dinner table.  They use a grazed and grown approach which allows their animals to flourish on quality forages and grain in a pasture setting.

Grass Fed Beef and Pasture Raised Pork

In the past year, I’ve heard so much about the importance of eating grass fed beef.  It is known to be leaner and provide us with more nutrients and vitamins.   I am also very aware of the recent news and some of the unethical ways animals are being treated on some of the larger conventional farms.   It is so nice to know that we have local options available to us which provides us with quality beef and pork while raising animals in a humane and nourishing environment.

Eight Plate Farms on Social Media

Do you want to get to know the farm at a personal level?  My favorite part is watching their Insta Stories on Instagram.  On any given day you can find Carla the owner sharing a glimpse into their farm life.  I love seeing the pigs nibble on grass in an open area and the family working together to raise the cattle.  You can follow along @EightPlatesFarm on Instagram or check them out on Facebook and learn more about this amazing farm!

The Menu

Now that summer is here we are always grilling.   I had the pleasure to enjoy mouth-watering beef kabobs and juicy pork from Eight Plates Farm and it was outstanding!  One evening we grilled a flank steak and on another occasion I had the best bacon ever!   They have so many different cuts of meat to choose from.  You can find everything from pork steaks to beef ribeye steaks.  They even have delicious meat sticks!  You can find their menu here.

Ordering and Local Farmer’s Markets Near You

Ordering from Eights Plates Farm is easy.   We have two options.  We can chose to have it delivered  on dry ice or meet Carla at a local farmer’s market near you.   Eight Plates Farm will be at the following local markets so be sure to check out their menu and place your order ahead of time to ensure she has what you are looking for.  If you happen to be at the market when Carla is there, be sure to stop by and pick up dinner.  She comes with a freezer full of meat!

  • Birmingham: June 30
  • Saginaw:  June 26
  • Troy:  June 28

Juicy Flank Steak!

Best Bacon Ever!


Stew Meat for Kabobs!


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