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Limited Time: “Level Up” at the Michigan Science Center

Level Up at MiSci

On Wednesday, October 19, the Michigan Science Center debuted “Level Up,” an 8,000 square-foot, prototype exhibit featuring the traveling exhibit “Electric Playhouse Travels,” which connects playing games to problem-solving in daily life and potential careers.

Level Up at MiSci

More About Level Up at MiSci

The installation is designed for families and students. Guests can play video and analog games to create interactive, immersive learning experiences. Electric Playhouse Travels, is a special feature within Level Up, available for a limited time, through January 3. Level Up will remain at the Michigan Science Center through the school year.

“As a STEM engagement hub, we use informal learning approaches to demystify challenging concepts and place them into everyday contexts in ways that help to augment K-12 education,” said Dr. Christian Greer, president and CEO of Mi-Sci. “With the generous support of General Motors, we can connect youth with STEM on their terms, igniting their awareness of the value of play in imaginative thinking and creative problem-solving.”

“In today’s ever-changing economy, problem-solving skills are becoming an increasingly critical component for building a successful 21st-century career,” said Terry Rhadigan, vice president of Corporate Giving at General Motors. “The Level Up exhibit does a wonderful job showing how play inspires cognitive development and we’re certain it will inspire students to find a new or renewed interest in STEM.”

As a special feature of the exhibit, the Michigan Science Center is excited to bring Electric Playhouse Travels through January 3rd. Electric Playhouse Travels is the premiere traveling exhibition-experience and is a joint venture between Exhibits Development Group, LLC and The Electric Playhouse. This digital hands-free experience is a mix of games, artistic interactives, and experiences that are ready for exploration. Using projection mapping as well as sensors, movements are tracked for interactions without the need for headsets or other wearable devices. Guests can enter an exhibition of interactive experiences designed to promote healthy, active play that surprises and delights. It inspires movement all themed to feel like visitors are fully immersed in a digital universe. Visitors can interact with the space themed landscape of puzzles, challenges, and also wonder. 

Level Up Game Zones:

Console or Video Games – Research indicates action gamers are better skilled at using models to solve problems outside of games. In Portal 2 for the Xbox, players must come up with a question, design experiments, and implement solutions while applying advanced physics. Multiplayer modes allow players to collaboratively problem-solve to work toward a collective win against the game.

Virtual Reality Games –  Featuring Oculus Rift headsets, this zone will transport you to different worlds and places. Guests can also learn how people in healthcare use this technology.

Analog Games – Board games teach hands-on STEM skills without the need for a tech component and appeal to a wide age range. Large-scale games in Level Up will allow players to learn design and game mechanics.

Arcade Zone – The final zone will incorporate a dedicated space for guests to play classic arcade games plus winning games from the Games for Change (G4C) student challenge competition and games in a virtual playground with floor and ceiling projection where students use their body as the game controller.

The Ames Room – A special room designed to challenge your perceptions of reality by removing all the visual cues we usually use to determine an object’s size. This effect causes objects and people in a seemingly ordinary room shrink or grow depending on their position in the room. When we look at someone inside an Ames Room, our brains are fooled into thinking that the room is a regular square. However, in reality, the room is trapezoidal, with one corner farther away than the others. Mi-Sci’s Ames Room will also feature a selfie station for those who want to share their experience.

Ticket Prices

Mi-Sci’s general admission price includes Level Up featuring Electric Playhouse Travels.
Reserve tickets at

MiSci Hours

The Michigan Science Center is open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday

Michigan Science Center Location

Mi-Sci is located at 5020 John R. Street in Midtown, Detroit.

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