Lego Ninjago Movie

When offered the chance to see the premiere of the new Lego Ninjago movie in return for a review I leapt at it. My middle child is a huge Ninjago fan, her favorite is Nin, and I knew she was dying to see the movie. Despite the success of the previous Lego movies I still had low expectations but any time I can do something special for my kids I’ll do it.

The movie begins with a familiar scene; an elderly shopkeeper tells a story and teaches a lesson to a young boy. While some may not be familiar with the Ninjago television series, it’s not necessary. The needed backstory is given throughout. There are plenty of jokes and bits that had my three children rolling in their seats but there are also jokes made just for the adults.

Life lessons are not needed in every kids’ movie but I was happy that Lego Ninjago did have a few important ones that spoke to my kids; believing in yourself and that even if you’re weird you have something important to offer. There are also lessons on the importance of friendship and family.

I’m certain this is a movie we’ll be seeing again and one any Ninjago or Lego fan can’t miss.

Amanda Stein

Amanda Stein is a mother of three who has been married for over a decade. She earned her Masters of Social Work fand has worked as a clinical social worker in the past. Currently a stay-at-home-mom Amanda has a passion for writing, rediscovered a love of running, and loves cooking and baking.

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