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KidTrack At Cedar Point

When we arrived at guest services on our last visit to Cedar Point I noticed they have a program called KidTrack.  Hopefully you will never be separated from your child while visiting, but it may happen, and if it does it can be scary.

A huge thank you to the folks at Cedar Point who invited my family to come for a courtesy visit in exchange for this promotional post. 

To participate in KidTrack, you can visit Guest Services (at the Main Gate), the Resort Gate or Town Hall and get a wristband for your child.

You simply write your ten digit cell phone number on the inside of the wristband and place it on your child.

We talked to our children about what they were for and how if they
should become separated from us they should seek out an employee of
Cedar Point (and showed them what a uniformed employee looked like) and
ask for help.

We are thankful that we didn’t have to use the service and appreciate the peace of mind that should we have been separated, finding our child would be a little easier with this program.