Kee App Enabling Detroit Moms To Make The Most of Free Time

Kee App Enabling Detroit Moms To Make The Most of Free Time

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If there was an award for multi-tasking at the highest level, mothers in cities like Detroit would certainly be the winners.

It´s no easy feat, but one that is accomplished through daily dedication by women who put their families before everything else, even themselves.

If you´re a young mom, you can certainly relate to the challenge of making sure everything runs smoothly at home while also balancing your own time and engaging in activities that provide a much-needed oasis of “me time”.

It used to be virtually impossible to find the ideal activity within your free time slots. You had to compromise leisure simply because it didn’t seem worth the risk to venture out to unknown bars, activities, or events not sure of what you’d find or who you’d meet.

To help eliminate the risk of wasting precious free time, the new Detroit founded mobile application Kee App was created. Currently in its beta stage and rapidly registering users throughout the Detroit metro area, Kee allows Detroit moms to meet other women in similar situations, plan rewarding free time with those who share the same interests, and seamlessly fill in your calendar with only what is truly valuable.

With Kee, women can find nearby events that interest them and place them onto an integrated smart calendar. The app also allows for local businesses to learn about and accommodate what women in the Detroit area seek, creating a marketplace which is much more in tune with local culture.


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