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Jump on the Reusable Grocery Bag Bandwagon with the Lotus Trolley Bag System

If you are like most people, you probably have a collection of reusable grocery shopping bags, likely stuffed in another reusable grocery shopping bag, somewhere in your house or car.

lotus trolley bags

Everyone knows that using reusable grocery shopping bags is best, but toting around those bags, making sure they aren’t ripped or dirty, and remembering to bring them in the store – and remembering to have the bagger put your groceries IN the bag – doesn’t always happen.

Enter the Lotus Trolley Bag system. I was given a set of these reusable bags to try; comments and opinions are my own.

It’s not a bag of bags, it’s an actual system that turns your shopping cart into an efficient bagging system. It not only saves you time, but it helps to save the environment!

Lotus Trolley Bags

Created by a California-based husband and wife team, the Lotus Travel Bag system is sold by Amazon and other retailers.

Basically, the bags fit in your cart so as you shop, you load them up in a way that makes sense to you.

There are four bags per set and they hang from your cart (watch this video to see how they work!)

You do your shopping as usual and then when your groceries are ready to bag, you spread the system out into your cart (it opens like an accordion). There is a cooler bag for frozen goods and special pockets for delicate items like eggs and bread. Bonus: There are also two wine sleeves!

Lotus Insulated bag

After you load up your goods, you can detach the bags and put them in your trunk, so they can easily be unloaded. Then, you can reattach the bags, roll up the case and put it back in your car for your next trip.

The system is so easy there is really no excuse NOT to use it. And it eliminates hundreds of plastic shopping bags used by each family every year. That’s a huge win.

The bags cost about $35 a set and come in different colors. You can get them on Amazon or on their website.

Lotus Produce Bags

In addition to the Trolley Bags, Lotus also sells reusable, washable produce bags. They are come in three color-coded sizes and are BPA free.

Lotus Produce Bags

A set of nine bags currently costs about $17 on their website and comes in eco-friendly packaging.

Connect with Lotus

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