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Jamberry Experience {Giveaway Ends 2/25/19}

Who doesn’t like freshly manicured nails? I do but being a working mom of three, who also works finding the time for a manicure is tough!


I had the great opportunity to consult with Jennifer Tobias, Senior Associate with Jamberry.  She was able to introduce me to some super cool products that will:

1.  Save time – You can give yourself a full manicure in about 15-20 minutes (5-10 minutes for lacquer strips)

2.  Save money -A full manicure costs only $3-$4 compared to $30-$60 at a nail salon.

3.  Give yourself a little bit of pamper time!

Jamberry wraps are made to last up to 2 weeks on your fingers and 4 weeks on your toes and with new products being introduced every month, you’re guaranteed to have products that are always on trend.

Unlike regular polish, where eventually the product will dry out and go bad, wraps are made to last and easily store. Since they’re made of vinyl, you never have to worry about them drying out or going bad. Lacquer strips are made of lacquer so will dry out. However, the extras can be resealed in their original packaging with a hair straightener to increase their shelf-life.

All of the Jamberry products are 8-free (lacquer strips are 10-free), meaning they’re free from chemicals commonly used in nail products. They’re also gluten-free, latex-free, and non-toxic. They’re great for both children and adults. and come in both adult and children (junior) sizes.

In order to get the full manicure experience at home, Jennifer recommends ordering the Jamberry Basic Bundle.

When you order the bundle. you are able to choose 4 different wraps. There were so many choices from simple to elegant and plain to patterned!

After trying Jamberry myself I was at first not sure how my nails would look after. I was pleasantly surprised.

The overall process was easy, the quality of the product was great, and the final manicure was a time saver. I look forward to doing another manicure very soon with Jamberry products.

Jamberry Giveaway

Enter below for a chance to win a Basic Wrap Bundle:

Jamberry Basic Wrap Bundle
Summerlynn Moton
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