Hurricane Harvey: Ways to Help Right Now

Ways Help Right Now

The images on our televisions, Facebook news feeds, and other screens are upsetting and frightening. It’s a disaster unlike any we’ve seen  in many years. Most of us do not have the skills, boats, or resources, to go down and physically help with rescue efforts. But there are ways we can help and that help is needed right now and will be needed for a long time.
This coming Saturday at Big Beaver and Rochester Road in Troy a semi truck is being loaded with supplies (see image below) and will be driven down. They will also accept cash donations.
If you can’t be there Saturday there is a list of possible agencies to donate to along with a more extensive resource guide that you can sort through, should you choose.
Whatever you do, where ever you choose to donate, give. Our help is needed.

Greater Houston Community Foundation
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief:

Save the Children:

Houston Food Bank:

Houston BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts Resource Guide

Amanda Stein

Amanda Stein is a mother of three who has been married for over a decade. She earned her Masters of Social Work fand has worked as a clinical social worker in the past. Currently a stay-at-home-mom Amanda has a passion for writing, rediscovered a love of running, and loves cooking and baking.

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