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How to Get Your Home Ready for the Summer

Getting your home ready for the summer is a way for you to make the most of the hottest months of the year, whether you intend to do so in air conditioning or by spending time on your patio or in your pool. Knowing how to go about getting your home ready for the summer will prepare you to enjoy the summer activities that mean the most to you. The more prepared your home is for the summer, the less likely you’ll be to encounter major issues, breakdowns, and inefficiencies when you need to use your home’s utilities or appliances most.

Have Your HVAC System Serviced

Your home’s HVAC system should be serviced at least once before the summer and once before the winter months arrive, according to HomeAdvisor. Conducting a routine inspection of your home’s HVAC system may seem simple, but it’s often advisable to work with an HVAC contractor or professional HVAC company to ensure a proper and thorough inspection with minimal risk. HVAC contractors aren’t just well-versed in conducting HVAC inspections, but they can also help pinpoint when an HVAC system may require tweaking, brand-new components, or when it may need to be replaced entirely.

Prepare for the Opening of Your Swimming Pool

Opening your swimming pool is one of the best ways to get started with the process of ensuring your home’s ready for the summer. An average homeowner is likely to spend anywhere between $350 and $500 to ensure the process of opening and closing a swimming pool goes smoothly, according to HomeGuide. If you want to prepare your swimming pool, but you’re unsure of how to do so alone, you can also work with local swimming pool contractors or professionals who help with maintaining proper chemical balances in swimming pools while simultaneously offering cleaning services and solutions.

Investing in the right chemicals, stabilizers, and tools to detect chemical levels is crucial when you are the owner of a swimming pool, regardless of its size and whether its above-ground or inground. Working with swimming pool professionals is a way to learn more about your pool’s individual needs. Routine maintenance, cleaning, and chemical testing is a way to keep your pool up and running at all times.

Clean and Organize Your Patio Area

Approximately 74%, or nearly three-quarters of all Americans state they use their patios for relaxation, while approximately three in five Americans use their patios for socialization and entertainment (58%), according to PR Newswire. If you have a patio that surrounds your home, and you’re determined to spend more time outdoors and in nature this year, you’ll want to take the time to clean and de-clutter your existing patio space. Before getting started, envision your dream patio space and consider how you want to use the area this year.

You can also seek brainstorming ideas by searching online with the use of traditional search engines, online communities, and social media groups. Joining various DIY patio design groups and outdoor landscaping design groups can provide you with the spark you need to get started. The more familiar you are with patio design trends, styles, themes, and even furniture that works outdoors for you, the easier it’ll be for you to make a plan of action once you’re ready to clean, organize, and setup your patio for the summer this year.

Preparing your home for the summer doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially once you have a vision of your home’s interior and how you plan to spend time outside this year. From cleaning your grill to preparing your patio for company, there are many different ways you can prepare your home, regardless of its size, for the summer. The more actively engaged you are with the process of getting your home ready for the summer, the easier it’ll be to ensure the preparation process goes just as intended.

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