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How to Build a Productive Work Environment at Home

Creating a friendly environment for your home office is important. Let’s explore a few ways you can do just that.

Design An Office In One Room In The House

Try to set up your home office in a room that does not have too many distractions. If you have a room that can be turned into a home office, this is ideal. A spare room or empty bedroom. Pick a room that is not used by everyone in the family and can provide some privacy and quiet. Do not use your bedroom as it is for sleeping. Select a comfortable desk and chair, bookshelf, and cabinets for storage. Allow natural light into the room and plan how you will decorate your office. Brighten up the room with curtains, wall art, and decorative pieces. Allow space so you can move around comfortably. Do not overcrowd your office.

Stick to A Schedule and Set Boundaries

Set specific hours and follow a regular or part-time work schedule. Do not work hours you are not paid. Set boundaries with co-workers and family. Do not do housework or family chores during your workday. Do not do other workers’ jobs, complete your own tasks before you offer to help others. Do not socialize on social media during work hours unless your job is managing social media for the company. Set a limit on reading and answering emails as this wastes time. About 18% of email users check their email 9 times per day. Limit this to once or twice a day. Set aside time to answer important emails in your daily schedule in a professional friendly manner.

Take Breaks and Prepare Healthy Meals

Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch during your workday at home. Hot oatmeal is a healthy cereal to choose from. Eggs provide protein for energy in the morning or lunchtime and whole-grain bread. Yogurt and fruit parfaits are healthy snacks any time of day. Homemade soups, lentils, minestrone, vegetable beef, chicken noodles are filling and healthy. Tuna sandwiches, roast beef, chicken, or turkey are good choices. Drink coffee in moderation and avoid sugary drinks. Take breaks and stretch and do some exercise during the day to relieve stress.

Use the Right Equipment

Use the right equipment that allows you to work efficiently and accomplish tasks in a timely manner. A laptop will take up less space than a desktop and you can move it from one place to the other. A good internet connection will keep your business day up and running. Invest in a comfortable desk and chair to sit on during the day. Be sure you have adequate lighting to see properly. A phone is necessary to connect to the Internet and talk with people. A good router will provide you with a good connection. You may need a printer, video conference software, and other specialized programs to complete your daily work tasks. Be sure your software is working correctly. About 82% of workers say workplace technology influences their choice to work there.

Learn to Use Social Media Wisely

Use social media at work to market and promote your business or connect with other employees. Facebook can help you connect with other businesses effectively and promote your products and services. You can post on your page to tell customers about new products and services. It is a platform that helps spread the word. Social media is good for networking with other professionals and creating new sales leads. Social media should be used for work, not for socializing and wasting time. Creating posts and blogs on your website, photos, and videos for your social media sites should be the way you use social media during the workday. About 90% of consumers use social media to contact businesses.

Creating a home office requires a plan and time to think about what you need to be able to function properly. Make sure you’re prepared!

Kelsey R.
Author: Kelsey R.

Metro Detroit Mommy writer Kelsey.