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Homeschooling Groups and Co-Ops in Metro Detroit

Homeschooling has gained popularity in recent years as an alternative approach to education. It provides families with the freedom to tailor their children’s education according to their unique needs and values. While homeschooling may not be suitable for every family or situation, it offers numerous benefits that contribute to a well-rounded education and personal growth. In this blog post, we will explore some of the key advantages of homeschooling and link Metro Detroit resources for homeschooling families.

Key Advantages of Homeschooling

  1. Individualized Education:

One of the most significant advantages of homeschooling is the ability to provide individualized education. In a homeschooling environment, parents can adapt teaching methods, curriculum, and pace to match their child’s learning style and abilities. This personalized approach ensures that children receive the attention and support they need to thrive academically. Whether a child excels in certain subjects or requires extra time to grasp a concept, homeschooling allows parents to tailor the curriculum accordingly, leading to greater academic success.

  1. Flexibility and Freedom:

Homeschooling provides families with the flexibility to design their own schedules and routines. Without the constraints of rigid school hours and academic calendars, families can explore various learning opportunities. They can take field trips, engage in hands-on experiments, participate in community service, and pursue their passions. This freedom enables children to cultivate a love for learning and develop a well-rounded education beyond traditional textbooks.

  1. Enhanced Socialization:

Contrary to common misconceptions, homeschooling offers ample opportunities for socialization. Homeschooled children often interact with a diverse range of individuals, including siblings, neighbors, community members, and other homeschoolers. They can participate in co-op classes, sports teams, clubs, and community activities, fostering social skills and building meaningful relationships. Moreover, homeschooling allows children to avoid negative social pressures, bullying, and distractions commonly found in traditional school settings, creating a safer and more supportive social environment.

  1. Customized Values and Beliefs:

Every family has its unique set of values and beliefs, which can play a vital role in a child’s upbringing. Homeschooling allows parents to incorporate their values and beliefs into the curriculum, providing a consistent moral and ethical framework for their child’s education. This personalized approach ensures that children not only receive academic instruction but also develop strong character, critical thinking skills, and a sense of social responsibility.

  1. Individualized Pace and Mastery:

Homeschooling empowers children to progress at their own pace and focus on mastering each subject before moving on. Unlike traditional classrooms where teachers must adhere to a set timeline, homeschooling enables students to spend more time on challenging topics and accelerate through subjects they excel in. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of concepts and encourages a lifelong love for learning.

Metro Detroit Homeschooling Resources

The website Homeschooling in Detroit is full of GREAT information for families considering homeschooling or those already doing it! It can be very overwhelming to get started but you can find helpful information on social media forums and dedicated websites. Many homeschooling families are eager to share their experiences and resources.

Here are just a few co-ops and groups in Metro Detroit.

AMPed Learning Centers and Hybrid Academy – Troy, MI

AMPed Hybrid Academy (AHA) is a private school that provides students K-8th with a Personalized Education Plan and custom curriculum.  Students attend 2-3 days per week and take part in customized home and community based experiences on the other days.  Part time preschool is also available.  As this is not a homeschool program, parent teaching is not required.  Students do not spend a significant amount of time online and state testing is not required.  Mixed age classes are capped at 12 students with a fully trained professional teacher.  Special needs as well as gifted and talented students are welcome and supported.  AHA is committed to inclusivity and embraces students of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, races, and abilities to join us.  AHA is a secular program that promotes social justice and celebrates the diversity of our students and staff.

Learn more at

Homeschool Connections – Various Metro Detroit Locations

Each campus meets one day a week to complement your homeschooling journey! Classes are taught by highly qualified instructors that bring enthusiasm and experience to their lessons. From history to art to science, math, writing, literature, robotics and even P.E., you’re sure to find a class that will delight and engage your child. Homeschool Connections is NOT supportive of members of the LGBTQ+ community.

HighPoint Hybrid Academy – Various Metro Detroit Locations

HighPoint Hybrid Academy is an optional two day a week in-person support program that allows HighPoint Learning virtual students to learn in a group setting. Ages 5 and up. HighPoint Hybrid is NOT supportive of members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Oakland Virtual Learning Academy Consortium (VLAC) – Oakland County

VLAC partners with local public school districts. Students remain enrolled in the local district. Students apply to attend VLAC and get permission from their enrolling district so they can begin the program. 

Classical Conversations – Various Metro Detroit Locations

Classical Conversations is a proven Christian homeschool program created by parents for parents. They use a Christ-centered and family-friendly approach to homeschooling that makes everything biblical and hospitable, focused on three simple key areas: Classical, Christian and Community.

MICHN – Various Metro Detroit Locations

The Michigan Christian Homeschool Network, founded in 1984 as INCH – the Information Network for Christian Homes and rebranded in 2019 as MICHN (pronounced like “mission”), is the oldest and largest homeschool organization serving Michigan families.  

Families in Support of Homeschooling (FISH) – Belleville

Homeschooling support group based in Belleville, MI.  They meet on Tuesday from 10 AM until Noon from September through May. The purpose of the group is to support each other in homeschooling endeavors and to have a fun and safe environment in which kids can socialize and make friends.

Oakland County Homeschoolers – Oakland County

A secular homeschool group for families in Oakland County, Michigan, and surrounding areas. Though all in the area are welcome to join and participate, activities are centered in the southern half of Oakland county. They often meet in local areas to provide fun social activities and support opportunities.

Renaissance HomeSchool Group – Farmington Hills

Renaissance Homeschool Group (RHG) offers Young 5s/Kindergarten-12th grade students educational opportunities to those who homeschool in Southeast Michigan. RHG is a drop off program with trained staff onsite. Homeschool students are able to take a wide variety of academic and enrichment classes. The group and classes are not political and neither a religious nor a secular group.

Oakland Homeschool Music (OHMI) – Waterford and Sterling Heights

Oakland Homeschool Music, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)  nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist families of  home-schooled children and other children who do not have access  to a music education program in their school have the opportunity to develop musical talents and appreciation. The music education program concentrates on music history, music theory, and music performance through participation in large group musical ensembles and elementary music classes. 

Connections Learning Lab – Troy
Connections Learning Lab, is a vibrant and nurturing homeschool learning center dedicated to fostering the academic and personal growth of students aged 5-12. Our inclusive environment welcomes learners from diverse backgrounds, and we understand that each child is unique, with their own strengths, challenges, and learning pace. That’s why our approach is centered on meeting students where they are in their educational journey. Students meet from 9:30am-1:30pm, Tuesday through Thursday for our learning pod. We also offer a Monday enrichment (9:30am-1:30pm), that can be in addition to the pod or a stand alone option. Our team of dedicated educators specializes in creating engaging, interactive learning experiences that ignite curiosity and foster a love for learning. From foundational subjects like math and literacy to exploratory activities in science, arts, and STEM, our programs are tailored to both challenge and support our students. At Connections Learning Lab, we are more than just a learning center; we are a community. We provide a safe and supportive space where children can grow, explore, and discover. CLL is a secular program.


Homeschooling offers numerous benefits, including individualized education, flexibility, enhanced socialization, customized values, and personalized pace. It empowers families to create a nurturing learning environment tailored to their children’s unique needs, fostering academic growth and personal development. However, homeschooling is a significant commitment that requires dedication, time, and careful planning. It is essential for parents to research and evaluate their options to ensure that homeschooling aligns with their family’s goals and values. With the right resources, support networks, and commitment, homeschooling can provide a rewarding and enriching educational experience for both children and parents.

Julie McKeeman
Author: Julie McKeeman

Julie is first and foremost a mom of two amazing kiddos, Elliott and Bennett. She is an elementary school librarian whose passion is to create safe spaces for all children.