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Hide – and Find – Decorated Rocks with Metro Detroit Mommy!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (ha!), you’ve probably heard about the new fad of painting and hiding rocks. This fun and family-friendly craze is spreading across the U.S. and Metro Detroit Mommy wants to bring it to this area – just in time for spring and summer.

Across the country, groups that paint and hide these rocks are popping up on social media sites like Facebook. Those who are into this hobby say it brings people out, connects folks to the community and spreads good vibes. The best thing? It can be done by all ages and as a family bonding activity. It also promotes creativity and art. Win-win!

If you think this sounds like fun, we agree. So how to get started? There are three easy steps:

Paint a rock

This is the easy one! Get some cool rocks (you can find them at local craft stores – don’t take them from parks or beaches). You can use paint, permanent marker or whatever strikes your fancy to decorate the rock. You should also seal it with a waterproof spray.

Check out all our fun ideas on our Pinterest Board:

Hide a rock

After you’ve decorated and painted your rock, hide it somewhere public in the metro Detroit area. If you want, take a picture with your rock or rocks and post it to our Facebook page with a hint or two.

Find a rock

If you’ve painted and hidden a few rocks, consider going on a rock hunt! Scour our Facebook page for clues or just take a walk around your community. You can keep rocks you find or hide them again to bring a smile to someone else’s face.

If you are going to partake in this fun event, there are a few things you should know. Don’t hide rocks where they could get hit by lawnmowers. And be sure not to hide rocks where you shouldn’t (like a national park). If in doubt – ask! This goes for local businesses too. Use good judgment. Always use a sealant on your rock so the paint doesn’t wash off and hurt the environment.

If you are looking for ideas and designs, there are lots of rock painting videos on YouTube. Pinterest also has ideas.

Most importantly, have fun!!

Korie Wilkins
Author: Korie Wilkins

Korie is a work at home mom to an energetic boy and a sweet todder girl. She loves big books, chocolate, writing, crochet and her Peloton. A recovering former journalist, Korie is also a wife, cook and allergy mama. Follow her on Twitter at @koriemw.