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Greenleaf Park in Madison Heights

Visitor’s information for Greenleaf Park in Madison Heights. The park offers ball diamonds, as well as a few play structures.

Greenleaf Park Location and Hours

Greenleaf Park in Madison Heights is located on the south side of 12 Mile, between John R and Dequindre.  The park is playground for Edmonson Elementary, so the hours the park is available for public use is limited to non school hours.  

Edmonson Elementary Play Structure

This 4.5-acre park is open daily year-round from dusk until dawn.

Park Amenities

The park features three main play structures.  The structure pictured directly below is for younger children, while the two older structures are for older children.  There are no public restrooms available unless the school is open.

toddler playground at Greenleaf Park

Greenleaf park also features a basketball hoop, baseball diamonds, a picnic table, and a few benches.  Garbage cans are available on site and the park tends to be rather clean, especially during the week.

The park also hosts swings for older children, hopscotch, a table of numbers and a map of the United States.

play structure at Edmonson Elementary/Greenleaf Park

Greenleaf Park Overview

Play Elements: three play structures on the school property
Swings: standard swings
Surface: grass as well as wood chips
Unique Features: none
Bathrooms: no
Drinking Fountain: no
Shade: no
Pavilion:  no
Picnic Tables: Yes
Grills: no
Sports Fields: baseball fields
Walking Trails: none
Parking: street parking as well as a paved lot
Tot Play Structure: yes
Fenced in: yes
Seating: yes, benches as well as a picnic table

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Other Parks in Madison Heights

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  • Greenleaf Park is located adjacent to Edmonson Elementary. The 4.5-acre park is home to two ball diamonds, while the school hosts several playground structures.
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