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Greenfield Village – Spend a Day Immersed in History

Visitor’s Guide and photo gallery for Greenfield Village in Dearborn. Take a step back in time and enjoy a day in the 19th century.  Take in a baseball game set in 1867, visit Noah Webster’s home where the first American dictionary was written, ride in a genuine Model T and so much more.

Exploring Greenfield Village

Greenfield Village is comprised of seven different historic districts. Within the districts the village also offers a few dining options and rides that require additional fees.

Working Farms

In this district you will experience a day in the live of a 19th century working farm. Explore the Firestone Farm and watch one of their many demonstrations throughout the day. You can also visit the farm animals in the William Ford Barn or learn all about Soybeans in the research lab.

Working Farms at Greenfield Village

Liberty Craftworks

The Liberty Craftworks district at Greenfield Village is always so awe inspiring. You don’t want to miss the glass blowing, pottery making, or the chance to make your own card at the printing press.

Liberty Craftworks

Henry Ford’s Model T

In this district, you can see the Ford home or visit the Bagley Avenue Workshop. You can also visit the replica of the Miller School. For an additional fee, you can also take a short ride around Greenfield Village in a vintage Model T Ford.

Model T at Greenfield Village

Railroad Junction

In addition to an amazing train ride around Greenfield Village, visitors can see a railroad turntable and visit Smiths Creek Depot.

Main Street

Main Street is one of my personal favorite’s. This district is home to the Wright Cycle Shop as well as the Village Green and Martha-Mary Chapel. The kids will most certainly LOVE the Donald F. Kosch Village Playground!!!

Main Street at Greenfield Village

Edison at Work

Visitors can explore the Menlo Park complex. This district includes Thomas Edison’s’ Fort Myers Lab as well as Menlo Park Lab.

Menlo Park Complex

Porches and Parlors

In this district, guests can explore many different homes. Noah Webster is likely the most notable of the homeowners. This district also hosts The George Washington Carver Cabin, Rober Frost’s Home as well as the Edison Homestead. Additionally, the Susquehanna Plantation provides a wealth of information and history from the 1830s. We love to visit the Dagget Farmhouse, where you can step outside and see the beautiful gardens. You also don’t want to miss the William Holmes McGuffy School.

Summer Baseball Games at Walnut Grove

Several weekends throughout the summer Greenfield Village hosts their own baseball games. These games are based on 1867 rules, which means there are not mitts and every ball is fair game. Read more about our experience a few years ago: Historic Baseball at Greenfield Village.

Dining at Greenfield Village

There are a few choices if you should want to enjoy a meal at Greenfield Village. First, and by far our favorite is Eagle Tavern. The proprietor, Calvin Wood, stands near the entrance to greet every potential customer. Stop by for a short chat. This gentleman exudes personality, and the conversation is never boring. This noted restaurant, built in 1831 in Clinton, Michigan, offered travelers a place to eat, drink and sleep.  The Eagle Tavern is a chance for visitors to get an authentic taste of the 1850’s with both its ambiance and daily fare.  The experience is truly amazing, as is the food.

A Taste of History is a cafeteria style dining experience with many different options, which will likely appeal to a wide range of tastes. There are also several stand alone shops within the park that offer confections, tea, quick bites and even frozen custard.

Transportation and Rides

During your visit to Greenfield Village, you can purchase tickets to enjoy several different rides and experiences. They offer experiences to ride the train, bus, Model T, or a carriage. The Carousel is also fun experience. Occasionally the venue will host Thomas the Tank engine for a one of a kind experience for younger train lovers.

Finally you won’t want to miss a stop at the Greenfield Village playground. Located adjacent to the carousel, the historically-themed playground is a place where children of all abilities can learn and play within the same environment. This newer addition to Greenfield Village encompasses approximately 25,000-square-feet. The site includes multi-level topography with ramp accessibility, bonded and concrete rubber surfaces that are ADA accessible and elements constructed out of natural or authentic materials keeping with the overall aesthetic of Greenfield Village.

Location, Hours, Admission

Greenfield Village is located at 20900 Oakwood Boulevard in Dearborn, Michigan. Admission is $28 for general admission, $25.25 for seniors, and $21 for youth (ages 5-11).

Greenfield Village is closed at the present time. The reopening has been scheduled for weekends starting on November 5th, 2020.

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