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Giveaway: Summer Fun, Facts, and Fantastic Adventures – National Geographic Kids

Gearing up for summer, National Geographic Kids has put together this amazing summer collection that is all about fun, facts, and fantastic adventures. These books are great for trips in the car, rainy days, you could even add them to your bedtime reading routine. These boredom-busting, brain-boosting titles will keep your kids reading through summer and are packed with knowledge.

National Geographic Kids Books gave us a set of the following titles to facilitate this review. Additionally, they will give one lucky fan a set of these books, just skip to the bottom for your chance to win. This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why

As parents, we are all well aware and acquainted with the never-ending quest of answering “WHY?”. But wonderful as it is to watch our ever-curious kids look into the world with such inquisitive minds, it’s a lot easier to cater to their thirst for discovery in a book. Not just any book though! In “National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why” children are encouraged by playful exploration. With stunningly beautiful and vibrant photographs kids love to delve into a number of fun and broad topics that are super kid-friendly. The content is presented in question and answer form, piquing interest about why certain things are the way they are. Additionally, there are countless recipes, crafts, and activities attached to the explanations to keep the wheels spinning long after reading about and finding the answer of “why?”

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021 is a spectacle for the eyes and the mind. This is chock full of the neatest information about anything you can really imagine. Amazing animals, beautiful places, science and technology, space exploration, world history, I mean really the list goes on and on. What stands out for me and is unique in this book is that it really has something to caters to every topic a child can think to be interested in. My daughters and I enjoyed this book by randomly picking a number and going to that page, and they got to explore whatever topic happened to be on that page. This Almanac provides the most up to date details and examinations about our ever-changing world. It even includes a whole chapter of activities, games, jokes, and comics perfect to keep the kids engaged through and through. Even though this is a “kids” almanac I had much fun myself looking through the astonishing photos of the wonderful planet we live on and all of the fascinating features of this world.

The Explorer Academy series

The Explorer Academy series is a thrilling set of books meant for the keenest of adventurers. This series is best suited for those kids in grades 3-8. Having read these myself I can attest that these are very much age appropriate and super engaging for any child who is into adventure, exploration, mystery, and thrill. Something very notable is the fact that there are characters in this book from all walks of life, all colors, and all ethnicities. Kids then get a chance to see a birds-eye view of the world from different perspectives which is very important in today’s world. What stood out to me the most, though, was how accurately researched all of the information and clues in this book are. For a young adult book, this has everything perfectly and precisely laid out and uses authentic locations from the real world. How fun is it to be able to literally explore the world in an adventure through reading! Even the science they used in the books to formulate the fictional ideas were explained at the end of the book by National Geographic scientists. I could not be more impressed by this series and cannot wait for the next series!

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Enter below for a chance to win the “Summer Fun, Facts and Fantastic Adventures Grand Prize Pack” which consists of the National Geographic Little Kids Big Book of Why, the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021 and all FOUR titles in the Explorer Academy series (total ARV $98). U.S. only, please. National Geographic Kids Books will ship directly to the winner. Summer Fun, Facts and Fantastic Adventures Grand Prize Pack

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