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Free Social Studies Activities for Middle School


Immerse your child in history, geography, and civics with free social studies activities for middle school. It can be overwhelming to get through all the resources online, so here are our favorites that you’ll want to integrate into your homeschool curriculum. All these activities are engaging and will help your child learn beyond the text.

Free Social Studies Activities for Middle School

Discover artifacts throughout history.

The Smithsonian Learning Lab curates more than a million resources from the Smithsonian museums. As a teacher, you can create your own collections and activities, allow your child to discover on their own, or use some of the lessons already created and uploaded by teachers. It’s all absolutely free. Another incredible resource for primary sources are the online resources through the National Archives. Check out the firsthand documents of the Emancipation Proclamation and online exhibits throughout the timeline of American history.

Learn civics in action.

At iCivics, your child can play civic-oriented game by running for president, understanding the branches of government and separation of powers, and more! Watch them earn badges and learn about government. There are also free lesson plans, curriculum units, and support materials for teachers. Learning is so much fun, especially when it feels like a game!

Make your own map.

Have your child choose a place of significance to them and create a map, complete with all the cartography elements studied in your Social Studies mapping units. Include a title, key or legend, orientation, scale, and necessary citations. It may be a place where they were born, their current city or state, somewhere they have studied, a country they’d like to travel to, or where your ancestors come from. Use this activity to apply the study of maps to your child’s own life.

Write historical haikus.

Study historical figures and integrate language arts and writing by having your child write simple 5/7/5 syllables three-line poems. Try a few on your own to model. Studying the Civil War? Write some poems about Abe Lincoln.

“Honest Abraham
Our Civil War President
Should have skipped the play”

In all seriousness, writing haikus can help summarize the significance of people or events during the time period your student is studying.

Museums, books, and special programs can give your child fantastic insight into your Social Studies curriculum, however, there are so many free social studies activities for middle school you can integrate into your child’s studies. Check these out, and let your student explore and learn!

Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

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