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Four Great Back To School Items – Seen on Channel 20 8/21/14


Sydney Paige backpacks & lunchboxes:  These fun, unique and high-quality backpacks are sure to be
voted “most popular” this year!  What we love most about the line is the “buy
one, give one back” model.  With every purchase of a backpack the company will
then donate one to a child in need. Not only will another child receive a Sydney
Paige backpack, but it will be also be filled with school supplies.  There are
three different sizes to choose from and so many different prints.  This year’s
top pick is truly “Back to school COOL!”
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Ronco Dehydrator:
Snacks packed for
school, whether for snack time or as an extra treat for the lunch box, should be
scrumptious, simple and neat. Dehydrated fruit
is the perfect addition to any lunch box or serves as a great “after school
snack.”  Buying dehydrated fruit can be so expensive though.  Instead try making
your own when fruit goes on sale using the OH-SO SIMPLE Ronco Dehydrator.  Plus,
it serves as a great time spent with the kids if you incorporate them into
helping prepare the fruit.
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Here’s a fun one for tweens! Oola Original Decals are reusable
“messages of positivity” for youth that can be placed on lockers, laptops, walls
or notebooks.  The decals come in bright colors with messages like: peace, sweet
dreams and for a great day press here!  Or on BIG test days how slipping your
child the  “for good luck press here” decal?   The beauty is these decals are
powered by the recipient.

Ecocozies :  Are reusable, insulated containers
with a food-safe lining that come in a variety of sizes just right for packing
in lunchboxes.  They are an eco-friendly way to keep food cold or warm and they
also keep food fresh, safe, and save you money on plastic wrap, waxed paper, or
foil. The are also dishwasher safe!   

Also available on (affiliate link)