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Food-Free Stocking Stuffer Ideas

If you have a kid with food allergies, or if you just don’t
want a bunch of junky candy around the house during the holiday season, we get

We don’t either!
Your kids will probably get plenty of sugar and treats in
December with all the parties and special events, so why not do a food-free
holiday stocking? If you need ideas, here are 25 food-free stocking stuffer ideas
your children will love.
1. Toothbrush and toothpaste
2. Silly Putty or Play-Doh
3. Socks and underwear
4. Small Lego sets or minifigures
5. Gift cards
6. DVDs
7. Deck of playing cards
8. New water bottle
9. Crayons, colored pencils or markers
10. Stickers
11. Flashlight
12. Lip gloss or lip balm
13. Disposable camera
14. Small puzzle
15. Matchbox car
16. Sunglasses
17. Bubbles
18. Thank you notes (even little ones can scribble on them
to send to Grandma!)
19. Ear buds or headphones
20. Cookie cutters (you’ll have to keep track of these,
obviously, but what kid doesn’t want his or her own special cookie cutter!)
21. Stamps and stamp pad
22. IOU for movie date with mom and dad
23. Night light
24. Slinky
25. Washi tape
Did any of these ideas inspire you? Do you have ideas of
your own? We’d love to hear them, so share in the comments!

Korie Wilkins
Author: Korie Wilkins

Korie is a work at home mom to an energetic boy and a sweet todder girl. She loves big books, chocolate, writing, crochet and her Peloton. A recovering former journalist, Korie is also a wife, cook and allergy mama. Follow her on Twitter at @koriemw.