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Five End of the Year Teacher Gifts from the Non-Crafty Mom

As my son winds down his first year of kindergarten, I
really want to make sure to recognize the awesome and hard-working teachers who
have made this year such a huge, happy success!

I was a nervous mama, sending my child off to school in
September, but the teachers and staff at his school have been caring, amazing
and just so wonderful that I want to send them off into summer with a fun gift.
I’ve been looking (and asking!) around, and here are five
ideas for end-of-the-year teacher gifts that I think the educator in your
child’s life will LOVE!

 I’m not really a crafty, Pinterest mom,
so these are all ideas you can buy or at least, use your best handwriting. I love homemade gifts, but they aren’t my
talent. Kudos to you if you make gifts!

1. Alex and Ani Apple of Abundance bracelet: A friend of
mine mentioned this and it is so cool! Who doesn’t want an Alex and Ani
bracelet? The meaning behind it is so special too: The sharing of wisdom. 
2. Life Factory glass water bottle: These are great and will
be much appreciated. Who doesn’t love a fresh, new water bottle! I always see
the teachers carrying around water bottles at my kid’s school and this one is
certainly a treat because it’s glass and cold water just tastes better out of a
glass cup, right? Right. (P.S. If you know your child’s teacher drinks wine, Life Factory has wine glasses too!)  

3. A gorgeous planter or hanging basket: Who doesn’t love a
gorgeous planter or hanging basket? School’s out, its summer and that means its
flower season! The local nurseries are brimming with gorgeous arrangements
right now. You could even gift it early so Teach can enjoy it longer.
4. A personalized lunch bag: Chances are, the teacher’s
lunch bag is probably looking ratty (and getting stinky). Thirty-One has great
options for insulated lunch bags AND you can get it personalized! 
5. A hand-written note (from you AND your child): Most of my
friends and family who are teachers say this is the best gift. A heart-felt
note letting the teacher know how appreciated his or her work has been during
the school year. Now, you can always toss in a gift card, but it’s not
necessary. Get your child to write something too – even if it is just his or
her name. Pick a lovely card and sit down and really write from the heart and
your child’s teacher will be touched by your words.
Korie Wilkins
Author: Korie Wilkins

Korie is a work at home mom to an energetic boy and a sweet todder girl. She loves big books, chocolate, writing, crochet and her Peloton. A recovering former journalist, Korie is also a wife, cook and allergy mama. Follow her on Twitter at @koriemw.