First Day of Kindergarten Survival Plan

As I sit here at 11:59 am eating breakfast…you read that right, breakfast….

I wonder how in the world I am going to survive kindergarten with my sanity. I’m that parent who likes to wake up when the kids wake up. I actually would love to wake up before them so I could have some solid alone time to pick up my disaster of a house. However, I can’t because as soon as I wake up, they wake up. How in the world am I going to transition from waking up anywhere between 7 am and 10 am to getting my oldest to school by 8 am in the morning?

And to top it off, I’m the parent who wants to get up even earlier to drive my kid to a school that I think is going to fit her personality rather than send her to the local school nearby. In actuality, we were planning on homeschooling. I wouldn’t be worrying about this if I was homeschooling…. but my newly five-year-old asked to go to school about six months ago and hasn’t let up since. She will love it. I know that in my heart because she is a social butterfly and loves learning new things. 
This is how my morning currently looks: Toys are scattered aimlessly. The table is piled with books and calendars and crumbs from last night that weren’t cleaned up because the kids were all very tired and cranky and needed to go to bed asap. The kitchen is a mess with a wide open bag of chips going stale and dishes that need to be washed. As I ground my coffee beans and got ready to pour them into my beloved french press I spill them all over my computer that really shouldn’t be in the kitchen but somehow always is. The kids are laughing and screaming and sometimes a protest cry sneaks in there. It took us two hours from wake up to sit down to eat breakfast. That’s not even everyone getting dressed. I literally have no idea how it takes that long to do things in my house but with three kids five and under it just does. Are you with me on this? No, it’s just me? 

Here is my plan for Kindergarten Survival Day 1.

Grab and Go Breakfast

I am going to have a grab and go breakfast ready for everyone to actually grab and hopefully sit down but more likely grab and go. My recipe ideas include No bake energy bites, scrambled egg muffins, banana pancakes (and I actually just do the bananas and eggs and they are so good even cold) and if I’m really desperate hard boiled eggs and a cut up bowl of fruit. We usually do oatmeal (check out these super easy Freezer Oatmeal Cups) or scrambled eggs but those take forever for my kids to eat!

Clothes – Check, Lunch – Check

Clothes laid out the night before along with a packed lunch ready to go. We have a Bentgo lunch box and skip hop lunch bag that we have used through the summer and is the perfect size for my kiddo and doesn’t leak because I know she will flip it over like an Olympic gymnast.

Shoes are Ready to Go

Shoes for everyone set by the door because despite having a gazillion pairs of shoes and a place that they should be, they are never in the right place and not ever are together as a matching set. Just the other day I let my middle child walk around all day with two different shoes on because I just didn’t give a sh…. well you get it.

PJ’s for the Little Ones

I plan on not dressing the two youngest and only showing and putting clothes on myself because this is where I lose precious time. I know that I can drive my butt back home and finish getting the rest of us ready for the day and that’s what I will do. If I don’t do that, I will have to wake up at 5 am in the morning just to get her to school by 8 am. I wish I was kidding.


I’m not a huge coffee drinker but there is something about MY coffee in the morning. I’ve perfected it to my taste and the only thing that rivals it is Starbucks cinnamon almond milk macchiato but we all know those lines are going to be ridiculously long in the morning. So, I’m going to make my cold brew to last the week before the first day of school hits. I’m pretty particular about my coffee and haven’t found a Michigan Brand to rival my favorite Austin, Texas company which is where we hail from. So, with this Cold Brewed Coffe recipe, my Red Bud Roaster Nicaraguan blend, Michigan maple syrup and Malk (my favorite almond milk), I’ll be ready to seize the day.

To all my fellow first-time school moms, may your first day of school pictures be Pinterest worthy and may your nerves be smooth as Anchor Bay on a good day.

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