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Lou’s Pet Shop in Grosse Pointe Woods: a Unique Experience

Tortoise at Lou's Pet Shop in Grosse Pointe

If you have an animal lover in the family, then you will enjoy a visit to Lou’s Pet Shop in Grosse Pointe Woods!  From resident pets, to animals for sale and pet supplies, this pet shop has something for everyone.

Lou's Pet Shop in Grosse Pointe store front

Lou’s Pet Shop in Grosse Pointe Woods

Lou’s Pet Shop in Grosse Pointe Woods has been serving the community since 1970. This family-friendly business offers an amazing alternative to visiting the zoo, providing many opportunities to interact with the animals. Two resident tortoises roam about the store. During your visit you may encounter bunnies, hamsters, fish, birds, reptiles, as well as spiders. Lou’s is licensed by the DNR and USDA to sell sugar gliders as well as hedgehogs. They are one of the few pet shops to sell these two exotic animal species that require advanced care and knowledge.

Surprisingly, Lou’s Pet Shop breeds their Syrian teddy & smooth hair hamsters in house. The pet shop breeds these hamsters for quality temperament traits. They also handle them daily to ensure you get a lovable and friendly hamster.

Lou's Pet Shop in Grosse Pointe Woods Hamster

In addition to selling pets and pet supplies, Lou’s Pet Shop is an amazing educational resource. They host a volunteer program, called Lou’s University, designed for children ages 8 – 15 (though anyone can participate). The program allows people the in the community to volunteer in the shop not only cleaning but also learning a work ethic and having the opportunity to learn about and interact with the animals. The GP Zoology Program uses recused exotic ambassador animals to inspire conservation and respect for all living creatures through a live demonstration at your school (or other location). Participants get an up close and personal experience with exotic animals such as Arnold the monitor or Franky the tortoise. Lou’s will adapt the program to meet the needs and age of the audience.

Tortoise at Lou's Pet Shop in Grosse Pointe Woods

Hours and Location

Address: 20779 Mack Ave, Grosse Pointe Woods, Mi just north of 8 Mile (Vernier).

Monday: 10 am until 7pm.
Tuesday: 10 am until 7pm.
Wednesday: 10 am until 7pm.
Thursday: 10 am until 7pm.
Friday: 10 am until 7pm.
Saturday: 10 am until 7pm.
Sunday: 12 pm until 5pm.

Pet Shop inside

Connect with Lou’s Pet Shop in Grosse Pointe Woods

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