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Family Fun: Lou’s Pet Shop – Grosse Pointe Woods

If you’re not quite up for a full day of hiking around the zoo, but need an animal fix, Lou’s Pet Shop is a fantastic place to check out with the kids!  There’s something for everyone to see, from lovers of furry cuteness to those who are fans of creepy crawlers.

Lou's Pet Shop

Lou’s Pet Shop in Grosse Pointe Woods

Lou’s has been an eastside fixture since 1970, and this family-friendly business has been a local favorite for many years.  Located in Grosse Pointe Woods at 20779 Mack Ave, just north of 8 Mile (Vernier), Lou’s Pet shop has animals that can be touched such as bunnies, hamsters, and sugar gliders, and some that are just plain fun to look at like the scorpions, spiders, lizards, birds, and fish.

A typical visit usually includes a chance to hang out with Louie, the Flemish giant rabbit who lives at the store.  He likes to lounge in the aisles and sometimes nap in the shelves, but this BIG bunny is friendly and enjoys gentle attention.  Louie’s buddy Frankie, the sulcata tortoise, also has free reign to wander the aisles and greet visitors, to the delight of pretty much everyone he meets.

In addition to Louie and Frankie, there are birds, fish, a water monitor, several large snakes, and alligator turtle, plus a variety of small mammals and reptiles to view.  If you’re actively looking for a new pet, or have a pet and need supplies, the folks who work here are knowledgeable and very friendly, so don’t be afraid to ask about the animals or the products they sell!

Kids Klub

For kids 6-12, Lou’s offers a monthly Kids Klub, where they have the opportunity to see some of the animals face to face, learn more about their favorite critters, do science experiments, crafts, and more.  There are often other fun special events at the store, where kids can get up close with different animals.  To learn more about Kids Klub or view the events calendar, you can check out the Lou’s Pet Shop website or on Facebook!