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Essential Car Safety Lessons to Teach Your Teen

It’s an exciting moment for every teen learning to drive and manage a car. However, the number of teens getting involved in accidents is increasing as days go by. The credit for many of these accidents goes to the lack of essential car safety lessons among teens. Car safety lessons have become paramount as they help protect your teen’s health and their vehicle. Highlighted below are the essential car safety lessons your teen should note.

Always Keep the Vehicle in Good Condition

When your car is in bad shape, the chances of getting involved in accidents are much higher. You should ensure your teen keeps their vehicle in good shape. It becomes safer for your teen to drive after checking the vehicle each morning or before hitting the road. You should note that over 881 people lost their lives in 2019, with the cause attributed to vehicular accidents. This is as per the Missouri State Highway Patrol reports. Let your teenagers know about maintenance and keeping the vehicle in good condition.

Always Fasten Seatbelts Before Driving

Dealing with teens can be overwhelming for you as a parent. There are higher chances your child will be disobedient, especially when giving them instructions. You should, however, be stern and strict with your decisions and actions. Most teens risk their health and damage to the car by failing to fasten their seatbelts. It is essential that your teen understands the essence of fastening seatbelts, especially when driving on business roads. While for most teens, this is uncool, fastening seatbelts before driving can save their lives. Make it compulsory for your teens to fasten the seatbelt any time they are using the car. The same should apply to the passengers carried in the vehicle.

Obey All Traffic Lights and Stop Signs

Teens can be rowdy whenever it suits them. This increases their chances of flaunting traffic rules, endangering their lives and those of other motorists. Obeying all traffic lights and stop signs is among the essential car safety lessons to teach your teens before they start driving. Let your teen understand the essence of obeying traffic rules and the related dangers and consequences. They should note that, apart from risking their lives, they might also get into trouble with the law enforcement agencies. Flaunting traffic rules can attract hefty penalties and the risk of jail terms. Guide your teen through traffic rules and ensure they adhere to them every time they drive.

Guide Them Through Emergency Safety Measures

You should note that apart from getting involved in accidents, you have to handle many other emergencies as a motorist. Locking your keys in the car is among the many scenarios you have to deal with as a motorist. You should teach your teen the steps and actions to take in such cases. With over 16,000 home and car lockouts getting reported in the United States daily, lessons on what to do when you lock keys in the car become relevant to your teens. Include practical lessons to make your teen understand how to go about such situations. You should also seek professional guidance to make the lessons meaningful and productive for your teens before driving.

Never Drive Under Influence or When There Is Compromise of Judgment

Drugs and substance abuse are among the behaviors that put teens in danger when driving. As an essential car safety lesson, ensure that your teen understands the effects of driving under the influence. They should note that, apart from risking their lives, driving under the influence is also a punishable offense in most states. Note that as of 2018, young adults between the ages of 18-34 attributed over half (52.9%) of the total DUI arrests. By staying alert while on the road, you also avoid accidents. By avoiding driving under the influence, they also save lives and stay away from hectic court punishments.

As much as most teens find driving a fun experience, things can turn sour when they are not careful. Let your teen be aware of and understand the dangers of driving. With the essential car safety lessons you take your teen through, you protect their health and their well-being.

Kelsey R.
Author: Kelsey R.

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