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Encourage Your Teen to Get a Part-Time Job This Winter

Employment is a part of many people’s lives at one point or another, so if you have a teenager at home who can work part-time, it’s a good idea to get them started early. Read on to see five reasons why it’s a good idea to encourage your teen to get a part-time job this winter, and give them a hand in starting the job-seeking process.

Stay Productive

It’s a well-known fact that when a teen has a lot of free time on their hands, they may engage in risky behavior. Helping them get a part-time job is an effective way to keep them busy and productive. Find out their area of interest or expertise and help them find a job in that field. In 2015, the Search Engine Journal reported that 72% of consumers surveyed said that positive reviews made them trust local businesses. Use this information to find good local businesses that may be hiring.

Learn More About Money

Getting a part-time job for your teen helps them learn an important life skill, which is dealing with money. When they get their first part-time job, you can help them learn how to budget and cater to their expenses while making their money stretch. Teach them how to save and make the most out of their payslip, and this is a skill that will benefit them throughout their life. After a while, you will realize that they can make sound money decisions and that you don’t have to keep holding their hand.

Build Character

Getting a job is great because it helps build character, turning otherwise naive teens into conscious and mature young adults. When they get a job, they will learn how to interact with different people and start to experience the world through their own eyes rather than from behind the safety zone you provide for them. In fact, encouraging your teen to get a laborious job may be well worth it. With the total number of farms in 2020 standing at just above two million, this is a large number of potential areas where a teen can seek a part-time job. As long as it’s safe and they are capable, let your teen take any job they get, whether physical or clerical.

Gain Valuable Skills

As any adult trying to find a job has learned, experience is crucial for ease in getting a job in the current competitive market. With a variety of different businesses and companies around, you never know what job your child will seek in the future, but if they have the foundation of a certain line of work, it may teach them the skills they need and help them get relevant experience. Let them understand that there will be ups and downs, which is normal with any job, but there are certain lines that should not be crossed.

Create Future Networks

Finally, networking is as important, or even more important, than simply knowing how to write a good resume. Every job you have worked has become a small network on which you can fall back if you need things like recommendations or even re-employment. Tell your teen that it’s good to learn how to network at this stage so that by the time they enter the job market in earnest, they will have a good foundation from which to rise. Also, while there are some job openings online, up to 80% of jobs are not even posted online. Your teen may miss these throughout their life if they don’t learn the importance of networking early enough.

If your teen has shown the initiative to get a part-time job, give them the help they need to succeed. Clearly, your teen will learn and blossom by obtaining a part-time job they enjoy.

Kelsey R.
Author: Kelsey R.

Metro Detroit Mommy writer Kelsey.