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Eliminate Daily Toxins at Detox Day Spa

We love sharing new businesses with you and this is definitely one to add to your list of places to check out!  While this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

Have you been feeling sluggish lately? Or possibly you are struggling with an autoimmune disease, illness, or even an allergy?  If so, let’s talk Detox Day Spa.

If you’ve never been to a detox spa before you are in for a treat!  Imagine the feeling your body gets after releasing unwanted toxins through detox foots baths, HydroMassage, infrared sauna detox, reflexology machine massage, and detoxifying facials!  It’s rejuvenating and the perfect beginning to better health.

As a mom of two little ones, I have neglected my own self care and wellness. I always put my kids first and  myself last. One day I had a wake up call and knew that in order to be a great mom, I needed to make some positive changes when it comes to my own health.   Some of my poor choices have added additional toxins to my body and my body has been shouting for help!  The toxins build up over time and we begin to experience symptoms such as fatigue, inflammation, and sluggishness. While we all are exposed to toxins on a daily basis, there are things we can do to help eliminate toxins form our bodies. At Detox Day Spa you experience a reset. A chance to eliminate these toxins from your body and feel your best.  A fresh start to a healthy lifestyle.  Let me give you a mini tour!


This massage bed is absolutely amazing!  The traveling jet system placed pressure exactly where I needed it.  The tension I was carrying in my neck and shoulders quickly vanished and after a 30 minute massage. I was in heaven.  This is also perfect for anyone with back pain or those that don’t feel comfortable having a hand massage.  

Detoxifying Facials

I love a good facial.  It leaves my skin refreshed with a beautiful glow. At Detox Day Spa you can trust that all products are natural and purifying to the skin.  Having a facial on a regular basis will give your skin the natural glow it deserves. 

Detox Foot Baths & Reflexology

If Detox Day Spa is known for one thing, it’s the reflexology machines and Detox Foot Baths.  The Reflexology Machine focuses on increasing circulation, boosting the immune system, promoting healing, and balancing energy.  I used the reflexology machines first (must I add each one felt amazing!) and then I got busy soaking my feet.   
Now, this is not your normal foot bath.  You soak your feet in ionized water which helps release positive and negative ions into the water. This turns the water a rusty color. Then as the ions begin to energize your cells, you begin to release heavy metals, fat, acid, and other debris from the pores in your feet. Everyone’s foot bath will look different.  My water showed a white foam on top which suggests I released toxins from my lymphatic system. This makes complete sense because I was fighting a cold which I never ended up having!  What surprised me most, was how soft my feet were once I was done with the 30-minute soak.  It was great!  I am already planning my next visit!

Visit Detox Day Spa!

Are you ready for a detox spa experience?  Detox Day Spa is located on Baldwin Road in Orion Township.   Be sure to check out their website for ways to improve your health and their services.  Start making those positive choices towards a body with fewer toxins and a healthier you!

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Danielle Andresen
Author: Danielle Andresen

Teacher by day, mom and wife both day and night, Danielle is the voice behind Suburbia Mom where she writes about her experiences in and around Detroit.