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Eight Great Reasons to Give the Gift of Swimming

It’s that time again where we are clamoring to get the BEST gifts for our family members and friends.  Grandparents, friends and family are always asking me “What should I get {insert child’s name here} for Christmas?”

There are so many great reasons why swimming lessons are the perfect gift idea for our family. Here are a few reasons why gift certificates to Goldfish Swim School might be the perfect gift to add to your wish list:

1. Swimming is a great year-round activity. Check out our article about why: Ten Benefits of Year-Round Swimming Lessons,

2. Indoor swimming is a fun winter activity that will get the family out of the house and chase away the winter blues. Having a weekly commitment will give the kids a way to burn off energy in a constructive manner when the temps are too chilly to enjoy outdoor activities.

3.  Swimming in the winter actually boosts children’s immune systems. This is achieved by consistent full body exercise and frequent breathe control.

4. Swimming lessons are a gift that lasts a lifetime. While the hottest Christmas toy craze will likely die a couple of weeks after Christmas, weekly swimming lessons will provide a fun and education opportunity for children to not only learn to swim but how to be safe in the water.

5. Does your child have too many toys? Is the playroom or bedroom always a mess? Over the past few years, we have been moving away from material gifts and investing in experience-based opportunities for our girls.  Swimming Lessons will not add to the clutter in your home.

6. Swimming offers many health benefits including reducing the risk of drowning, physical, social and psychological benefits. The Health Benefits of Swimming

7. Gift certificates can be purchased in any denomination at Goldfish, so this gift is perfect for everyone’s budget.  Family open swim is just $10 per visit (nice stocking stuffer) and lessons start at about $100 per month, which makes the gift swimming an affordable gift option.  Ask family members to chip in and pay toward a year’s tuition by gifting a 1/2 month, a full month or more as their budget allows.

8. Swimming provides a Special Thank You Opportunity: 
Be sure to thank gift givers by sharing images and video of your children as they progress in their classes.  I know my mom and dad always love to watch a short clip of my girls enjoying their time in the water so they can see the progress they are making.