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Easy Summer Sun Catcher

Looking for a craft that works for all ages? With supplies you likely have? Try a stone sun catcher!


Small bag of dollar store stones
Bottle of glue (clear, white, or colored glue)
Solid plastic lid with an edge

Added supplies if wanted:
hole punch



1.Cover your surface to prevent scratching and sticky glue mess! Arrange stones in any pattern you would like on the lid. You can use any lid you would like that has an edge (to contain glue as it dries). I used a yogurt lid. Stones do not have to touch, but can! Place stones flat side down (rounded side up) for a more even look.

2.  Pour glue over stones slowly, evenly spreading it over stones. Be generous but don’t let the glue run over the edge of the lid. It will ooze around and that is OK. If you want you could add glitter (we did not) or confetti or anything else you want to try! We used white glue, but a clear  or colored glue would also look unique!

3. Make sure stones are in proper locations and set in sun to dry. It will take 2-3 days to dry depending on the weather and temperature.

 Now it is perfect for a magnet, decoration, or to hang in a window!

4. (optional) Use a hole punch to pop a whole in a location with just glue. Thread yarn or string and tape in window! An alternative could be to use as a magnet, dollhouse accessory, coaster, or decoration.

This is what it will look like finished!