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Glenlore Trails Haunted Forest Light Show Adventure

Visitor’s Guide, image gallery, and info for the 1/2 mile Glenlore Trails Haunted Forest light show in Multi Lakes Conservation Association in Commence Township.

Mystery and magic await at Glenlore Trails light show in Commence Township. The enchanted adventure trails are located within the Multi Lakes Conservation Association, which is located just south of the Dodge Park property, off Newton Road. During your visit, guests will be fascinated by the 1/2 mile outdoor path filled with lighting, projection, and other sensory elements for all to enjoy! The Multi Lakes Conservation Association light show is simply amazing.

Glenlore Trails in Commence Township

The trails will take about 40 minutes to walk, depending on your pace. Children of all ages will enjoy this attraction, as long as it isn’t past your bedtime. While you are visiting, guests must wear masks as well as maintaining social distancing to ensure safety.

Haunted Forest Light Show in Commerce Township

Discover adorable, vibrant, and often mischievous little creatures that come alive at night. Experience a dazzling show of lights and sounds that’s sure to captivate your imagination.

The staff does an amazing job to maintain the compacted earth and asphalt gravel trails. Therefore, the trail is wheelchair as well as stroller friendly.

Glenlore Trails in Commence Township

Haunted Forest Glenlore Trails Halloween

The forest is aglow with some spooky changes, including a giant cauldron, spooky pumpkins, and smoke-filled bubbles. As always, the trail is spooky, but not scary. Consequently, it is perfect for children of all ages. Finally, there are no characters that jump out at you on the trail.

Glenlore Trails Haunted Forest pumpkins

Multi Lakes Conservation Association Light Show Hours

The exhibit runs daily Tuesday through Sunday. The attraction times start at 7:00 pm and runs until 12:30 am. Due to Covid-19, only a few tickets during each time slot will be sold. At this time, the end date for this attraction is November 15, 2020. However, that may be extended if the weather is nice.

Experience a dazzling show of lights and sounds that's sure to captivate your imagination

Glenlore Trails Ticket Information

Tickets are available online for select dates. General admission tickets are $20 (ages 13 and up), while youth tickets (ages 3-12) are $10, and children under the age of three are free.

Get your tickets online Today!

Multi Lakes Conservation Association
3860 Newton Road
Commerce Charter Township, Mi

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