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Does Your Child Want to be a Super Hero? Check out This New Exhibit at Impression 5

DC Super Heroes: Discover Your Superpowers

If you have a child that wants to be a super hero, then don’t miss this special exhibit. Impression 5 Science Center is bringing DC Super Heroes to Lansing! Guests can enjoy DC Super Heroes: Discover Your Superpowers exhibit until May 7, 2023.

DC Super Heroes: Discover Your Superpowers

Your kids will be able to join forces with iconic DC Super Heroes such as BATMAN™ SUPERMAN™ CYBORG™ together with WONDER WOMAN™ as they swoop into Lansing for DC Super Heroes: Discover Your Superpowers. Grab your capes and head over to Impression 5 in Lansing for an adventure where you can join the never-ending battle to fight for truth and justice. Guests will depevop new skills, discover the science behind superpowers, and also learn the importance of teamwork. Enter the Hall of Justice, then work with others to solve problems and catch Super-Villains in a series of fast-paced challenges.

More about the DC Super Heroes: Discover Your Superpowers Exhibit:

Enter the Hall of Justice where you can take the test to find the Super Hero you are most similar to. Then fly through the sky, use laser vision to blast robots, and punch asteroids with super-strength. You can even send and share your video to the rest of your superhero friends. Finally, visit the Crisis Scanner to get an assignment and determine the best Super Hero for the mission, or test out your x-ray vision to see potential threats!

During your visit, don’t forget to check out the City Docks. Your little super heroes can ride the waves with AQUAMAN™ and also use their problem-sovling skills to find Black Manta’s secret base.

When you visit GOTHAM CITY™ you can help BATMAN™ restore the BAT-SIGNAL™! You will need to collect clues at the Bank, Flower Shop, and Jewelry Shop in order to stop THE JOKERTM and fix the BAT-SIGNALTM. Or you can help WONDER WOMAN™ capture the Cheetah and secure stolen artifacts!

Race to the S.T.A.R. LABS™ where you can test your speed against the fastest man alive, THE FLASH™. Then, challenge your family in the GREEN LANTERN™ Circuit Challenge.

Exhibit Review

We had an absolute great time exploring the two-story Impression 5 Science Center. We were warmly welcomed by the staff and we started our visit navigating their interactive traveling exhibit DC Super Heroes: Discover Your Superpowers located on the first level where families can grab capes and be in character undergoing a fast-paced series of training to develop their super power skills. Visitors can enter this exciting exhibit through the Hall of Justice Security Scanner and work their way around different training stations. These include monitoring villain activities from the Control Center, helping Cyborg disable Black Manta’s underwater base using Sonar and electromagnetic pulse, balance training with Aquaman on wing-like fins and giant turtles, improving speed with Flash, leveling up agility with Batgirl by climbing through the laser maze at the Museum of Ancient History, practicing super skills in the Super Power Simulator and so much more!  This dynamic and engaging traveling exhibit is available until May 7, 2023.~ Bernadette Manaay – Bernadette Manaay Photography

Visit DC Super Heroes: Discover Your Superpowers

Impression 5 Science Center
200 Museum Drive
Lansing, MI 48933

Now until May 7th, 2023
Wednesday through Sunday, hours are from 9:30 am until 4:00 pm.
Impression 5 Science Center is closed Monday as well as Tuesday.

FREE with Museum Admission

Admission Fees:
$12: Adults, Children 2 and older
$7.00: Seniors, Military members (and immediate family)
FREE: Members, birth until age 1.
$2.00: Museums for All (up to 6 guests with valid ID and EBT, medicaid, or WIC card)

Reciprocal Admission:
FREE: ASTC Travel Passport 90+ miles
50% OFF: ASTC Travel Passport under 90 miles
50% OFF: ACM Reciprocal Network (up to 6 guests)

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More About Impression 5

Impression 5 guests can participate in more than 150 hands-on learning activities in the 25,000 square foot space.  The activities are designed to span a wide range of science concepts and encourage children to learn through exploration, play, trial, and fun.  The science center hosts 14 major themes including Throwing Things, Chew on This!, Spectrum, Nano, Build Zone, MI Nature,  First Impression Room, POP! A Bubble Experience, Electricity & Magnetism, Make Your Own Music, Simple Machines, Giant Eye, Spin, and also the Water Room.

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Photos Credits: Bernadette Manaay Photography

Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

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