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DIY Minnie Mouse Valentine’s Day Box Using Household Scraps

Recreate this super cute Minnie Mouse Valentine's Day card box using household scraps

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and although meant for couples, I like to celebrate with the entire family. This year, we are getting the Lovefest started early with this fun DIY Minnie Mouse Valentine’s Day Box craft. If your child will be collecting Valentines at school this year, this is a super cute (and cost-effective) way to collect and store those love-filled cards. Check out the details below to recreate this project.

Recreate this Mnnie Mouse Valentine's Day Card Box using household scraps!

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What we used:

  • Grab your shoe box, remove the lid, and cover the 4 sides using the red gift bag (or your red material of choice) . We simply measured each side, and cut out a strip from our red gift bag that was the appropriate size. We then applied glue to the sides of the shoe box using our hot glue gun, and secured the material to the box.
  • Cut out a piece of black poster board large enough to cover the entire lid of your box. Try to neatly fit poster board around lid to make sure it is a good fit before securing with hot glue.We had to cut a slit at each corner of our board to make sure we could neatly fold it along the sides of the lid. Once you are sure it’s a good fit, secure with hot glue.
  • Cut out a few quarter-sized circles from your white fabric and apply along the base of the shoe box using hot glue. 
  • Using your black poster board, cut out 2 circles that measure 4in across. Bend a fold into the bottom edge of each circle, and secure to top of lid near back edge using hot glue. The circles (or”ears”) should be spaced approximately 2in apart from each other. Try to make sure they are centered at the back edge of your shoe box. 
  • Using your gift bag scraps, cut out the shape of a bow, add some white polka dots if you so choose, and secure to the front of the ears using hot glue.
  • I added some tissue paper in the inside of the shoe box just because I had it, but this is not necessary.
  • All done! 🙂
Briana Marie
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