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DIY Hanging Shopkins Storage

Got a Shopkins collector on your hands? Recreate this Shopkins Hangin Storage Container your Shopkins lover is sure to obsess over

Do you have a Shopkins lover at home? Don’t know what to do with all of those Shopkins you keep stepping on in the living room? Well, here is a fun solution! Recreate this super cute, and vibrant, DIY Shopkins Hanging Storage. Check out the details below!

Got a Shopkins collector on your hands? Recreate this Shopkins Hangin Storage Container your Shopkins lover is sure to obsess over

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What we used:

  • Glue lid to secure it to your oatmeal containers.
  • Take your oatmeal container and draw a rectangle 1 in from the top edge, and 1in from the bottom edge of your container (see picture below). The dimensions should be 2.5in x 6.5in.
  • Use box cutter to cut the rectangle out.

  • Once rectangle is cut out, roll entire container in pink table cloth, cutting off any excess (you can also wrap container before cutting out the opening, but I didn’t think to do it until after. Haha.) Locate the opening you cut out of your oatmeal container, and cut out the tablecloth from that space.
  • Fold excess tablecloth around opening into the container, and secure with hot glue for a more tidier appearance.
  • Fold and glue excess tablecloth hanging off the ends of the container.
  • Cut off Shopkins logo, and other images you choose, from a Shopkins cardboard box, and decorate box as you please..
  • Repeat with second oatmeal container.
  • Once both containers are complete and decorated, cut slits into both ends for you to thread floral wire through to connect.
  • Make sure you cut off enough floral wire to connect both containers, in addition to having an arch fit for hanging. You will need to twist the floral wire in a knot at each end of each container to secure it. I suggest that you thread the containers together first on one side, arch your wire, then thread through the other side. 
  • Now you can hang, and drop those Shopkins in! 🙂
Briana Marie
Author: Briana Marie

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