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The 15 Mile Drive-In Theater

Enjoy a movie this summer at the 15 Mile Drive-In Theater in West Bloomfield. The 2021 season has been confirmed, however a start date has not yet been announced.

15 Mile Drive-In Ticket Prices

The tickets go by how many people are in your car. Standard 2 Person Car is $25.00, Standard 3+ Person Car is $35.00, VIP 2 Person Car is $35.00, and a VIP 3+ Person Car is $45.00. The VIP tickets include closer parking to the screen and a complimentary box of popcorn and drink for everyone in the car. 

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15 Mile Drive-In Theater in West Bloomfield

We arrived 15 minutes early and got a great spot. There are many volunteers walking around making sure there’s enough space between each vehicle. Your spot has a number which is important to know if you order snacks.


Speaking of snacks…you can bring your own food in OR order from their elaborate menu. I was surprised at how much they had to offer. They have a concession stand on site but you are not allowed to walk up to it. The packet gives a phone number to text in your order with. Then an employee delivers your food to your parking spot. I wish the numbers were more visible for the employees. They would go around asking each spot what their number is. But back to the snacks! They have water bottles, pop, candy, box of Detroit Popcorn, bag of Skinny Pop, a full ice cream menu, as well as merchandise available.

Snacks at the 15 Mile Drive-In Theater

After texting in your order, you will get a response with a payment link. That’s where you input your credit card information.

The organizers have partnered with “Fleece and Thank You“, “Friendship Circle” and “JCC special education program”. They are giving a portion of their proceeds to their charitable efforts.

Rules and Regulations at 15 Mile Drive-In

There is a packet with Rules and Regulations. Some noteworthy things to point out: Guests may not sit on top of their vehicles, do not honk your horn, and headlights should be dimmed. However, those are just a couple of their rules. All employees are required to wear masks as well as gloves. Although patrons do not need to wear masks. You must stay within your designated 20ft x 20 ft space at all times unless you need to use the restrooms or have an emergency. There are several clean porta potties at the back of the parking lot.

The 55-foot screen started getting visible around 9 pm. The organizers tell you what radio station you can hear the movie on. But, we could hear the sound just fine without our radio on. Bring jumper cables in case your car battery dies. I saw this happen to a couple of people.

We put our car hatch up so the kids could sit in the back and my sister-in-law and I sat in camp chairs next to the car. Overall everyone had a blast! It was such a great experience and something safe and fun to do. At the present time, the organization seems to be showing one movie a week at one specific time. Next time I go, I plan to bring bug spray, more blankets, and more friends!

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