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Detroit Kid City Dearborn!

This location has permanently closed.

If you’re like me, you are rejoicing that a brand new Detroit Kid City has opened downriver!  I was literally counting down the days until this venue opened it’s doors after years of driving my cousins, children I was babysitting and eventually my own toddler out to the Southfield or Clinton Township locations.  Dearborn Detroit Kid City has finally arrived and it was worth the wait! The new DKC address is 22950 Michigan Avenue in Dearborn, MI 48124. You can find it in the Dearborn Plaza, north side of Michigan Ave. right next to Kroger (the “old Kroger” if you’re from the area!  There is another new one right across the street!) How convenient that I got to tell my little one “First play place, then grocery shop.”  Everybody wins!

There is something for every age at Dearborn DKC.  Whether your little ones love to pretend with the real props while stepping into the many child-size town buildings or run as fast as the Detroit Lions in the football stadium that spans the back half of the building, complete with headgear, jerseys and football, this place aims to please!

Mini musicians can play real instruments and push all the buttons in the recording studio, obviously my favorite spot for so many reasons! There is even an old-school rotary payphone on the corner!

There is even a pizzeria complete with all the fixings right next to Hitsville USA!  Customers can sit in a real stool, place their orders to a chef with an apron and menu pad, then watch as their velcro pizza comes to life!  There are even similar toy items to purchase if you find something your children cannot live without!  In the center, there is half wall enclosure with a variety of sensory toys attached to the wall that is perfect for mobile infants and young toddlers to play without the chance of the “big kids” stomping by!

Detroit Kid City Dearborn is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 3pm.  Sundays are reserved for private events like birthday parties which you can read more about here.  My favorites outside of “Hitsville USA” are the delicious Motor City Mocha drink and the t-shirt club! I got my son one of the super cute DKC t-shirts that came with a refillable water bottle for just $20 and now, we get half off the $10 admission price at each visit when he wears his new tee!  Looking good and a discount to play- bonus!

Carissa Orr
Author: Carissa Orr

Early Childhood Professional, “Music with Ms. Carissa,” Mama, and now blogger thanks to MDM! Carissa works as an Early Childhood Consultant for Michigan’s state-funded Preschool Program, the Great Start Readiness Program.  In her spare time, she entertains children and families with live music as part of her Music with Ms. Carissa.  Most importantly, she is “Jack’s Mom” and loves adventuring with her young toddler all around Metro Detroit!