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Cute and Easy Valentines Craft

Valentines Day is definitely one of my favorite celebrations.  There is something about the color pink that warms my heart.  Children especially enjoy Valentines Day.   Crafts,candy, hearts and cards…what isn’t there to love!

To get into the spirit of Valentines Day, we made this adorable and super easy craft.  If you’re like me, your time is limited and you need something that doesn’t require a lot of prep time, have a huge supply list, or leave us with a major clean up project.  Look no further, this craft is sure to warm your heart.

How to

Step One
Gather your supplies.  I was able to purchase the paper and heart die cuts at Michaels.  Tip: They always have a coupon.  I just go to the Michaels website and download it to my phone.

1. Pink, red, white and brown card stock paper
2. Die cuts ~ hearts (preferably two different sizes)
3. Pencil, glue & scissors

Step 2
Using the die, cut out hearts using red and pink paper. I used two different size die cuts. Older children could use stencils to trace and cut out their own hearts or even paint the hearts onto the paper. In this project, we just needed to glue the hearts.
Step 3
Trace your hand and a small portion of your arm onto brown paper.  This will become the tree trunk and branches. 

Step 5
Gather your hearts and prepare to glue.

Step 6
Glue your hand and arm onto white paper.

Step 7
Begin gluing hearts onto the paper as the leaves.

Step 8
Complete.  That’s right you are done.  It was really that easy and cute!

Meet Danielle Andresen- Danielle is mom to two young children and is enjoying this parenting journey with her husband Erik.  As a family they enjoy keeping  busy with the many different events happening in and around Detroit.  Whenever Danielle has a moment of solitude, she enjoys writing.  Check out Danielle at Suburbia Mom where she gives you a glimpse of life as a mom living in the suburbs of Detroit.  Also follow her on Twitter @suburia_mom where she shares those random moments during the day as a mom!
Danielle Andresen
Author: Danielle Andresen

Teacher by day, mom and wife both day and night, Danielle is the voice behind Suburbia Mom where she writes about her experiences in and around Detroit.