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Counselor’s Corner: Resolving to Be the Change

It is a new year. The planners are out. The Christmas trees and celebratory decorations are down. How are you feeling? Really. How are you feeling? Are you connecting with your own needs and those of your children? As you may recall our goal this year is to bring focus to the issues that sometimes may be uncomfortable or swept under the rug. So we are at it again…

As we have been talking about our own community climate when it comes to social justice, empathy and general diversity education…how have these conversations impacted you?  Have they impacted your children? 

Personally in our household we are doing our best to allow our son to understand the need to care about others. I shared this in my last article here about teaching by example but if you want to take it a step further here are a few ideas:

Little ones are never too young to learn. My son at 9 months.

1.) Ask your child(ren) to write note cards each month for people who mean a lot to them. Ask them to note what those people have taught them. If your child is 3…write three cards with your kid and let them draw pictures on the envelope. If your child is ten…they can independently write ten cards. You can choose teachers, neighbors, family members, publications, local politicians, national politicians,etc., They don’t have to limit who these cards go to. 

2.) Choose a charity to give back to monthly. This could be as small as opening allowance dollars on a canned good (because canned goods are still needed even when it is not Thanksgiving time). This could be as big as donating time to a food bank or after-school program. 

3.) Make family wish lists on social changes you would like to see in the world and talk about how your personal household can help. This could be a small effort to smile more, opening the door for the person behind you, or a large gesture like creating a kids club devoted to kindness. 

Those are just 3 different ways that your new year can bring about change that helps you and your family but please feel free to think of your own way to change the community round you for the better. Share with us if you want! That is another way to spread kinds by the spreading the word. If this article was helpful-feel free to share it with a friend or two.     
Tara Michener
Author: Tara Michener