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Clay Township Park

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I was so worried yesterday that it would be too cool out for the kids to enjoy the Splash Park in Clay Township.    

The location is rather easy to find, although for most of you it is quite a drive.  It took about 40 minutes from the Universal Mall area one way.

We arrived about 10:30 a.m. and were delighted to see a wonderful playground sitting right next to the splash park.

The playground consists of two main structures (one for bigger children and one designed for toddlers), smaller structures (a rock climbing wall and a play house), swings, a sandbox and two bouncing animals.  The kids really enjoyed playing on the equipment.

After a few minutes of enjoying the playground (mostly the swings) we got the kids ready and went off the the spray park.  I love that the spray park is enclosed with three locking entrances.  There are many different water features that go off an on at intervals.  The kids really had a grand time playing in the water.

Overall the park was wonderful.  Very clean and well maintained.  There were garbage cans, with lids, scattered about the play area, a restroom and concession stand close by and plenty of seating throughout the park.  This would make a great place for a family outing or summer picnic.  I look forward to going back again!!!

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