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Choosing the Right Dentists for Your Teenager

Good oral care is important for a healthy, bright smile from childhood to adulthood. With so many options and issues around, you may be having a hard time choosing a good dentist for your kids. Read on to see five important tips that will help you choose the right dentist for your teenager, and you will be able to provide them with great oral health to last them for life.

Read Reviews

People often leave reviews on the type of service they got at their dental visit, whether positive or negative. Put this into consideration and go through the reviews left for the services of the dentist you’re considering. More negative or neutral reviews than positive ones imply that there’s a problem, while more positive reviews show that there’s a good chance you will get great oral care for your kids. Follow this up by speaking with fellow parents to hear if they have experience with a professional you’re considering, and find out if they can refer you to one they feel does a great job. This will give you the confidence to take the next step, which is to schedule an appointment with the ones who make it onto your shortlist.

Schedule Consultations

When you’ve narrowed it down to a few dentists whom you feel can offer what you seek, it’s good to pay them a physical preliminary visit with your children. Do this to be sure you’re comfortable with the location and its accessibility, as being able to get there fast and conveniently can make a big difference if you have other commitments or you have a weekday appointment. About 83% of the children aged between two and 17 made a visit to the dentist in 2014, according to the CDC. This is a large number of children, so keep in mind that you may need to wait in line for a while before your turn, and factor this into the overall time you use for the appointment.

Consider Your Insurance

Another important factor to think about is your insurance and the specifics of its cover. If you have dental insurance, make sure that it covers the dental procedures your children need. Also, confirm with the dentist that they take your insurance before you pay them a visit to avoid expensive and time-consuming surprises. If you don’t have dental insurance yet, find a dentist who you feel you can work with and get the insurance that they accept if it offers you a cover that you feel will work for you.

Find a Specialist

This tip is important to consider to make sure that you pick a dentist who specializes in your specific needs rather than one who generalizes. This will help to ensure you get your kids the best oral care. A pediatric dentist, for instance, will be able to offer treatment specialized to your children as they have undergone training to specifically treat kids. In scientific literature, dental implants have been reported to have a success rate of 98%. This is impressive, and the rate is bound to be even higher for dentists who have specialized in their specific field.

Find One With Experience

Finally, make sure that the dentist you entrust with your children’s oral care has relevant experience. Having practiced for a longer time means that they are more likely to easily diagnose and treat effectively. More practical experience for your children’s dentist means that they will provide the best care, so it’s not something you should gamble with.

Follow the five tips suggested above to make sure you get your children a great oral care service that will enable them to grow up with healthy smiles!

Kelsey R.
Author: Kelsey R.

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