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Children’s Only Shopping at Somerset Collection

This specialty shop allows kids to shop on their own for little gifts and knickknacks.
This Holiday season at Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan there is a unique children’s only shopping experience that will make for memories to last a lifetime! For a small $5 donation to a local charity, children will be allowed to shop alone like adults for their loved ones  inside a specially curated shop just for the kids.

Children are given 3 shiny coins with which they can pick out any 3 items from the shop. This specialty store for children is packed with an assortment of gift items which were donated by retailers from the Somerset Collection.

Young children are helped navigate through the shop to pick out 3 items of their choice.

When the kids walk in they are given a shopping bag and 3 coins. From there they can peruse the tables and showcases for the gifts as they please. If the shoppers are too young to do this on their own they will be assisted by the associates through the shop. The adults are allowed to watch from afar but are to remain on the other side of the velvet rope to give the kids the truly special and memorable experience of shopping all by themselves like grownups.

There are an assortment of items for the kids to shop for including candies, small toys, socks, accessories, even dad's shaving accessories. There is something for everyone.

There are a variety of men’s accessories, small jewelry items, nail polish, bath bombs, crafting supplies, LEGOs, small toys, play-doh, and many more cute knickknacks for the kids to buy for their loved ones. After they pick their gifts they are given a bit of wrapping or tissue paper and are escorted out to the waiting area with their parents.

Kids are given some wrapping paper in their shopping bags to wrap their Holiday presents at home!

My twin daughters were smiling from ear to ear after the whole experience and still a week later they won’t stop talking about it, so needless to say it was a wonderful and very memorable opportunity for the kids.

Letters to Santa at Somerset Collection Kid's Only Shop

The children also have the chance to write a letter to Santa and put it in their festive mailbox before they leave.  This children’s only shopping experience will continue to be open through Saturday, December 22, every day from 10AM-9PM and is located next to Macy’s on the 2nd floor of Somerset Mall.

Tasneem Bhuiyan
Author: Tasneem Bhuiyan

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